Esports tourney at WACO Saturday

The girls basketball season starts Friday but another form of sports will be available at WACO High School Saturday.

From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., WACO High School will be hosting its first Esports tournament that will be open to other local school districts.

Pairs of 13 through 18 year-old students from around Southeast Iowa will face off in a Duos Fortnite tournament.

WACO is currently expecting participation from at least four other districts in the area.

The tournament will take place in WACO’s new Innovation Lab and Esports Arena that was made possible by a grant that was received from the Washington County Riverboat Foundation last year. While WACO has been experimenting with different models of competetion in Esports nationally, this will be the first local competition.

WACO’s Esports Coordinator, Drew Ayrit, said that he hopes that it will be the start of many local events, and perhaps even a local Esports conference with consistent weekly play.

“The event isn’t just about competition, it’s also about building a positive gaming community and network in the area,” Ayrit said.

In addition to competitive play, the event will also consist of other fun gaming related activities, such as Mario Kart, retro gaming, Forza racing hot laps, and even a Fortnite emote dance competition. There will be prizes for the winners of the tournament, as well as several video game-related prizes that will be raffled off. The public will be welcome to participate in the

additional events and raffle, and there will be a viewing area set up for spectators.