Demons take 4 of 5

The Washington High School wrestling team won four of its five duals Saturday at the Cascade Tournament.

Washington (W) 64, Maquoketa Valley (MV) 18

120: Walker Ikerd (W) over Canyon Richardson (MV) (Fall 1:18) 126: Michael Schaul (MV) over Brennan Murphy (W) (Fall 2:30) 132: Logan Frazer (W) over Parker Sternhagen (MV) (Fall 1:07) 138: Garrett Ikerd (W) over James DeMoss (MV) (Fall 0:26) 145: Dillan Sanders (W) over (MV) (For.) 152: David Hora (W) over (MV) (For.) 160: Ayden Frazier (W) over Tim Harmon (MV) (Fall 5:06) 170: James LeGassick (MV) over (W) (For.) 182: Tristin Westphal-Edwards (W) over Carter Kruse (MV) (Fall 1:04) 195: Logan Escher (W) over Evan Elgin (MV) (Fall 3:44) 220: Michael Feldmann (MV) over (W) (For.) 285: Tristan Allender (W) over (MV) (For.) 106: Caden Evans (W) over Anthony March (MV) (MD 16-8) 113: Matt Collett (W) over (MV) (For.)

Washington (W) 72,Clayton Ridge (CR) 6

113: Collett (W) over Aaron Taake (CR) (Fall 0:43) 120: Walker Ikerd (W) over (CR) (For.) 126: Murphy (W) over (CR) (For.) 132: Frazer (W) over (CR) (For.) 138: Garrett Ikerd (W) over Buck Wachendorf (CR) (Fall 0:31) 145: Cade Pohren (W) over Justin Cook (CR) (Fall 1:03) 152: David Hora (W) over (CR) (For.) 160: Ayden Frazier (W) over (CR) (For.) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Westphal-Edwards (W) over Eric Craft (CR) (Fall 1:56) 195: Escher (W) over Colten Lawerence (CR) (Fall 0:34) 220: Josh Hertenstein (CR) over (W) (For.) 285: Marshall Patterson (W) over Keegan Kuehl (CR) (Fall 0:45) 106: Evans (W) over (CR) (For.)

Washington (W) 55, Bellevue (BELL) 24

106: Levi Livermore (BELL) over Evans (W) (Fall 0:18) 113: Murphy (W) over (BELL) (For.) 120: Collett (W) over (BELL) (For.) 126: Zach Roeder (BELL) over Murphy (W) (Fall 1:16) 132: Frazer (W) over Tyquan Strowder (BELL) (MD 11-3) 138: Garrett Ikerd (W) over Jacob Pline (BELL) (Fall 0:25) 145: Sanders (W) over (BELL) (For.) 152: Hora (W) over Jayden Keane (BELL) (Fall 0:38) 160: Frazier (W) over Jacob Waller (BELL) (Dec 6-4) 170: Hunter Clasen (BELL) over (W) (For.) 182: Westphal-Edwards (W) over Luke Giesmann (BELL) (Fall 0:39) 195: Escher (W) over Harrison Haynes (BELL) (Fall 0:44) 220: Shayne Fite (BELL) over (W) (For.) 285: Allender (W) over Kane Krabbenhoft (BELL) (Fall 0:38)

Washington (W) 49, Cascade (CASC) 24

126: Walker Ikerd (W) over Carson Staner (CASC) (MD 11-1) 132: Nolan Noonan (CASC) over Frazer (W) (Fall 1:19) 138: Garrett Ikerd (W) over Connor Conlin (CASC) (Dec 6-3) 145: Sanders (W) over Casey Koppes (CASC) (Fall 1:11) 152: Hora (W) over Brady Graff (CASC) (Fall 0:58) 160: Zach Ries (CASC) over Frazier (W) (Fall 3:07) 170: Angel Nunez (CASC) over (W) (For.) 182: Westphal-Edwards (W) over (CASC) (For.) 195: Escher (W) over (CASC) (For.) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Patterson (W) over (CASC) (For.) 106: Evans (W) over (CASC) (For.) 113: Aidan Noonan (CASC) over Collett (W) (Fall 1:06) 120: Brennan Murphy (W) over (CASC) (For.)

MFL MarMac (MFLM) 49, Washington (W) 21

132: Ethan Stubbs (MFLM) over Frazer (W) (Fall 1:34) 138: Garrett Ikerd (W) over Gabe McGeough (MFLM) (MD 9-0) 145: Michael Egan (MFLM) over Cade Pohren (W) (Fall 1:22) 152: Hora (W) over Zach Trudo (MFLM) (Dec 3-0) 160: Hunter Miller (MFLM) over Frazier (W) (Dec 7-2) 170: Dylan Corlett (MFLM) over (W) (For.) 182: Westphal-Edwards (W) over Zach Howe (MFLM) (Dec 5-0) 195: Nathan Johanningmeier (MFLM) over Escher (W) (Fall 1:42) 220: Garrett Keehner (MFLM) over (W) (For.) 285: Korby Keehner (MFLM) over Allender (W) (Fall 0:51) 106: Kashton Mathis (MFLM) over Evans (W) (Fall 1:10) 113: Andrew Heins (MFLM) over Collett (W) (MD 14-3) 120: Murphy (W) over (MFLM) (For.) 126: Walker Ikerd (W) over (MFLM) (For.) (WASH Penalty Point -1)

Jeremy Fulk Classis

At New London, Mid-Prairie’s Issac Boucher won first place in the 220-pound division. Dallas Miller was second at 126 and Rylee Vercande third. David Murray was second at 152 and Cael Garvey second at 160. Josh Wallington was second at 195. Jeremiah Boos was third at 182 as was Cory Allen at 170.