Archers fare well at state

Middle school team, Smith are champions for Washington

GTNS photo by Julie Scott

Washington archers (in orange) shoot at 3D targets this past weekend at Des Moines in the state tournament.
GTNS photo by Julie Scott Washington archers (in orange) shoot at 3D targets this past weekend at Des Moines in the state tournament.

DES MOINES - There is a state champion fifth grader in Washington as well as the middle school team.

This past weekend, Washington’s archery teams went to the state tournament in Des Moines and performed very well and some be attending Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky May 9-11. All archers who placed in the top 10 of their event and the Middle School Bullseye Team, which won, are eligible for the National Tournament.

“We, as coaches, are proud of the Washington Archery Program’s performance this weekend and throughout the season,” program co-director Kathy Stender said. “It says a lot about a program’s archers and coaches to bring home top honors at all levels.”

Archers shoot at bullseye target or animal targets, which is called 3D.

In the 3D tournament, Lincoln Elementary brought home a second-place trophy out of seven teams.

Audrey Smith won first place, Izzy Peterson placed fourth, and Quintyn Garibay and Emma Helfricheach earned eighth place.

In Bullseye, Lincoln brought home the third-place trophy out of 14 teams.

Smith placed 11th and Gabby Andrew placed 14th.

In the 3D middle school tournament, Washington earned sixth place out of 15 teams.

Curtis Stender placed 12th and Jonathan Moore placed 13th.

In Bullseye, the middle school took top honors with a first-place trophy out of 30 teams.

Iris Peterson placed sixth and Curtis Stender placed eighth.

In the 3D high school tournament, Washington earned 11th place out of 17 teams.

Sammy Mellinger placed ninth and Griffin Wood placed 11th.

In Bullseye, the high school placed fourth out of 31 teams.

Sammy Mellinger placed 6th and David Rees placed 23rd.

“We value and appreciate the support of our parents, school, and community throughout the season and know it is an integral piece to our success,” Kathy Stender said. “The archers worked hard meeting their goals this year and they should be very proud of their accomplishments.”

Those accomplishments are especially noteworthy considering that there were 1,025 Bullseye archers and 293 3D archers who participated in the State Tournament this weekend.

Lincoln Elementary shot their all-time highest team scores in 3D (1,462) and Bullseye (2,959) this weekend.

The Middle School also shot their all-time high team score in Bullseye (3,278).

Middle Schooler, Curtis Stender, participated in a shootout at the end of the tournament to break a 3-way tie for sixth. He earned eighth place.