Spring: My least favorite season

I really want to fall in love with spring. I really want to like this season, but I’ve never been able to. The weather’s getting warmer, the grass is turning green again and birds are coming. It’s the season of rebirth, it feels hopeful, it’s downright magical and I just can’t get behind it.

I know that science has already objectively 100 percent proven that winter is the worst season — snow makes it hard to get places and there was that time I looked at a thermometer and the minus-sign was right next to the number 50 and it hurt my face to stand outside. But I still would take that over spring. I know I’m wrong to think that, believe me I know. Especially given the reasons I don’t like spring; top of that list is the fact that it’s damp.

Between snow and ice melting and rain it’s just always soggy outside. Then there’s also the fact that spring gives you the expectation that it’s going to get warmer, but then there are days where you wake up looking forward to only have to wear long sleeves or a light sweater and it ends up being 30 degrees in the morning. So you think “Oh, I can get used to this,” and you put on a winter coat, but then by noon it’s almost back up to 60 degrees.

Sure, we’re in the Midwest so inconsistent temperatures are the norm between any given two days, but spring has always seemed like the most inconsistent of all seasons to me. At least when winter is uneven it usually means we get a day where all the snow melts and it’s just a little bit more comfortable outside.

But in spring inconsistent weather usually means it starts snowing again … which sounds terrifying after this past winter.

It also means my roommate and I are in an unspoken cold war, where I turn on the heat in the morning because I’m too cold, and they turn the heat off because by the time they wake up it’s close to 10 and much warmer outside.

My sister’s birthday is on April 9 and there was a year, her seventh birthday I think, where we had to cancel her party because a hailstorm hit us and knocked the power out. If there’s a season outside of winter where it’s able to hail, then I don’t want to live there. That’s not a place I want to be.

All of these, admittedly are fairly non significant things and like I said it’s still better than winter where I was always cold and the roads would sometimes be horrible. But the thing I appreciate about winter and summer is they commit. Winter is committed to being as cold as possible and even when it’s not, hey, it’s kind of nice that we’re getting a warmish day, right? And when summer days are a little cooler that’s a refreshing break. For fall, the best season, you’re expecting it to get colder so when it’s comfortable outside that’s a nice surprise too.

But with spring, by the time it rolls around you’re just trying to get away from winter and it won’t commit to it. So while I’m glad spring is here it’s mostly because I’m looking forward to making it to those three months of the year in fall where the weather is perfect.