Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

It does my heart good to see city folks worry about the farm economy. The Reuters piece in the Sept. 23 Gazette business 380 was quite interesting. What chaps my butt is they think we are dumb enough to believe it. You know China’s state run agriculture businesses use the best nutritionists Iowa State can train and send back. They use computer rations just like we have for 20 years. If they could cut soy meal without harming hogs growth they would have done it years ago. The guy with 10 hogs in the backyard already feeds garbage and table scraps. Why do you think they have African swine fever?

I am willing to take a temporary hit if it keeps Americans working. They are our biggest market by far. Remember we sell China food, they sell us tennis shoes. I really believe the grownups in the USA would rather pay more for some household goods to keep their neighbors working and paying taxes. The alternative is pay more tax themselves to support an out-of-work family, and all the bureaucracy that goes with it, and if you think it will be anybody but you paying these taxes, you are as gullible as the East Coast elites think you are. What do you think a single mom would rather have, a good job or an Obama phone?

Tom Shepherd

Washington, Iowa