Residents prepare for autumn

Residents and staff held a bake sale Friday morning to raise money for the spouse of an employee recovering from a heart attack. It was a very generous group of people who donated baked goods and then turned around and purchased treats creating a mission with a purpose that aids the recipient along with an opportunity for residents and staff to pay it forward.

Fire safety week was observed Friday when Washington Volunteer Firemen Joe Redlinger and Mark Chenoweth arrived with the firetruck at the United Presbyterian Home to the delight of day care kids. The firemen explained to the children the importance of fire safety and opened up the truck to showcase all of the equipment it carries. The kids were fascinated that firemen carry a flashlight on the truck.

Charlane Tanner was guest of honor at a birthday dinner on Saturday hosted by her family; Jody Tanner of Washington, Iowa; Jim and Sally Tranberg; Tommy, Brittany, Wyatt and Katheryn Tranberg, all of Clarksville, Tennessee, and Tim and Leah Tranberg along with the youngest family member, two-month-old Allison Reagan (Ally Rae) Tranberg, of Braselton, Georgia. This was the first-time meeting for Charlane and her great-granddaughter.

The harvest season was reflected by the table decorations at the Cottagers’ potluck on Monday. The first pumpkin pies of the season were on the buffet table. Celebrating birthdays this month were Betty Colby, Bill Stewart, Jane Fehr and her guest, soon-to-be-cottager, Margaret Stangohr. Charlie and Betty Thompson were honored for their 62nd wedding anniversary. Dick Anderson and Jean Leeper were the committee chairs, assisted by Jim and Marcia Wilson, Kitch Shatzer and Lois Swank. Larry Bartlett presided with some silly stories as appetizers for a fine meal and good company.

Wanda Skubal enjoyed a surprise visit from her brother Ray Jones, of Columbus Junction, Wednesday afternoon.

Nine members of the book club met Wednesday morning to discuss The Light of the World, by Elizabeth Alexander. This is a memoir of her husband, written the year after his sudden death at age 50. Esther Bordwell led the discussion. Those attending shared memorable sections from the book. Next month’s selection will be Orphan Keeper by Cameron Wright. It is a novel based on the true story of a young boy who was kidnapped in India and sold to an American family.

Classics Et Cetera for Oct. 25, included “Overture di Ballo” by Arthur S. Sullivan; First 3 marches from “12 Heroic Marches for Organ & Trumpet” by Georg Philipp Telemann; Prelude in C-sharp Minor by Sergei Rachmaninoff; “Moonlight Cocktail” played by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra; 2nd Movement of “The Triple Concerto” by Ludwig van Beethoven; “Serenade for alto solo, chorus & piano by Franz Schubert; “Bob Burdette,” galop by Charles Lloyd Barnhouse.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) wrote several serenades, the most familiar of which is usually called simply “Schubert’s Serenade,” although it is officially designated as D.957. Another, the D. 920 Serenade for alto solo, male chorus and piano, was written as a tribute to a Louise Gosmar. She was an alto student of a singing teacher in Vienna who had commissioned a poem from a local writer and then asked Schubert to set it to music. It was ready within a few days, written for alto solo, men’s choir and piano. But the teacher was displeased. She had wanted a women’s choir, so that Gosmar could sing it with her female friends. Schubert rescored the work using a women’s choir. It was later dubbed D. 921 by Schubert’s cataloger.

Wayne Brock will join in playing with the Iowa Retired Veterans Band Nov. 12, 2017, at the Des Moines Civic Center along with his son Ron. Wayne will have four generations of family present at the concert when Patrick Brock, Kenneth Lindsey and Jeremy Lindsey will be in the audience. Great-grandson Jeremy currently serves in the United States Air Force.