Community Thanksgiving to be held Saturday

Thanksgiving is coming early to Washington as a community dinner will be held at the First Baptist Church on Saturday, Nov. 17.

The community dinner will begin at 5 p.m., followed by sermon and songs led by Minister Darryl Carr.

Though the church’s annual celebration predates him, this will be Carr’s 13th year participating. This year his sermon will speak on the fortune individuals have as Christians and Americans living in this country.

“For years prior we did it on Sundays,” Carr said. “Last year we moved it to Saturday and that opened it up for people who might not have been able to make it before, those maybe a little outside the community.”

By moving the event one day earlier they received an influx of attendees. The typical crowd of 80-100 jumped into the range of 120 last year, and the congregation is expecting similar numbers this weekend. The traditional Thanksgiving meal is provided by the church and worshippers, but all members of the community are welcome to dine — even those who can’t actually come out for the meal.

Many attending are aware of others who can’t make it out for Thanksgiving. Volunteers are sent to them with food and warm tidings.

“It’s all our church family,” Carr said. “We have someone who brings the turkeys and other members bringing various dishes. All we ask others is that they bring an appetite.”

The First Baptist Church is located at 122 E. Second St., in Washington.