Boy Scouts raise record haul at annual food drive

The Boy Scout Troop 242 had a pleasant surprise on Saturday, Nov. 3, as they collected over a ton of food during their annual drive.

According to Kathy Fields, committee chair of the troop, the food collection gathered at least three times the amount of food that had been donated in the past. On Monday evening, the troop delivered some of the food to the Ainsworth Church. The remainder of the food collected will be given to HACAP in Washington or WACO Schools in Crawfordsville.

“This year we had 2,460 pounds of food,” she said. “We have never weighed it before, so I don’t have a comparison, but looking at the bags of food, we probably have three times the amount of food we had last year.”

In Washington, Troop 242 has been collecting food for over eight years. Every November the Scouts put bags on the doors of residences in the city and collect donations of food the following Saturday. This year Fields said many people had forgone the bags and put their donations out in their own containers. She said putting out the bags is hard, as it involves a lot of walking, but picking up the food is easy because it is done with vehicles.

Field described having to stack the bags higher and higher as the Scouts brought more and more food in to be donated.

“Some years we have gotten 800 items and some years we have gotten 3,000,” she said. “There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to it at all.”

Fields said Jerome Vittetoe had allowed the Scouts to use his scales to weigh the food before donating it.