Healthy cooking and baking classes at the Halcyon House

Minister David Cotner, representing the Prairie Flower Church provided the weekly chapel service to Halcyon House residents on Sunday, March 31, 2019. The sermon title was “Two What’s and a Why.” Scripture from Psalms 117, was shared with those in attendance.

Halcyon House residents and community members had the opportunity April 2 to hear John Brinning, retired Federal Law Enforcement Agent, present information regarding his 40-years of experience with the United States Border Patrol. John was stationed at various locations throughout the country- California, Texas, Minnesota, Washington State and the Northeast region during his time working as a Federal Law Officer.

Halcyon House Wellness Department intern Jenna Konig hosted a healthy cooking class. Jenna featured healthy snacks, such as smoothies, energy bites, homemade granola and turkey/veggie wraps. She provided every class participant recipes for the healthy snacks. Denny and Connie Sorrell, Stan and Connie Bauer, Laurilee Chalupa and several others thoroughly enjoyed the class.

We often hear about light displays in the sky in Alaska and in the frozen north. But can you see them in Iowa too? What causes those luminous dancing shows in the sky, and why do Japanese tourists flock to Alaska to see them? Have glaciers ever been found in Iowa? Are all glaciers shrinking worldwide due to global warming? Halcyon House residents had the opportunity to find out the answers to these questions and more during a program, “Glaciers & Auroras” presented by Halcyon House resident Clyde Pearce this past Monday, April 8 in the Marshall game room.

This month at trivia we’ve had “Welcome to April “ and “Save a Penny.” We always start out with a word search puzzle, following with a snack and trivia. For the April program we talked about pulling an April Fool’s joke on someone. Some of the jokesters shared their favorite prank. A prank that was pulled on someone was when their son rubber-banded the sprayer in the kitchen sink into the on position. There was also some talk about putting a wagon on a rooftop of someone’s home. At the “Save a penny “ trivia was shared about the history of the penny. There have been 11 different designs featured on the penny; the Lincoln penny was first minted and circulated in 1909, the 100th anniversary of his birth; around 30 million pennies are produced per day; and the Lincoln penny was the first cent on which appeared the words “In God We Trust.” We also played a game of penny ante which came with a lot of laughter.

Bingo is also played in all four of the households once a week making this a popular activity for everyone. Cranium Crunch “Jogin Your Noggin” is an activity that is designed to challenge the mind. We play word games, finish the sentence, memory games, just to name a few. Some of the games may seem easy to complete; others may present considerable challenge. This varied and creative set of activities provides entertainment, stimulates the mind, and provides moments of laughter.

Arborwood residents and friends have been baking and cooking every Thursday. Lately, residents chose to bake an old-time favorite, Snickerdoodle cookies. We also made pretzel bites from refrigerated biscuit dough. After the pretzel-making process and baking to a golden brown, the bites were rolled in butter and coated with cinnamon sugar. Cherry pie is always a group favorite, and individual pies made from crescent roll dough and pie filling were iced and enjoyed by all. The wonderful smells that waft through the household always make us feel at home, along with fellowship shared.

On Tuesday, April 9, our “Something from the Attic” program in Wedgewood, was about: Antique Rods and Reels. As always, it was a wonderful and informative program given by Don Kline. His programs are very interesting and he always has so many items to share with everyone.

Happy Birthday wishes go out this week to Carole Loeffler.