February 600 club members recognized

Minister Jason Collier representing Ainsworth Community/United Church of Crawfordsville provided the weekly chapel service to Halcyon House residents on Sunday, March 3, 2019. The sermon title “Transfiguration.” Scripture from Matthew 16:24-17:18 was shared with those in attendance. Linda McNeil shared her musical talents on the piano.

Betty Osincup had an extended family weekend. Janet Hurley, her Miami, Florida, daughter, flew to Iowa last Saturday. Sister, Donna Olson, met Janet at Des Moines and took her back for return to Miami Tuesday afternoon. Janet came to attend her grandkids’ Show Choir concert at the Tiffin Clear Creek High School Monday evening. Janet stayed with Donna and Bob Olson at North Liberty. Regina Roselund, Betty’s granddaughter, picked her up Sunday and they met the Olsons and Betty’s daughter at the Living Word Community Church. Following service, all enjoyed time at the Olive Garden. Monday, Bob Olson drove Betty to Tiffin for the concert. Betty had been told that Kent Keating would be there. Kent’s mother, Millie Keating, was a Halcyon House building III resident some years ago and a longtime part of a four-couples “Gang” whose surviving members Virginia Tschantz, Enid Tweeton and Betty Osincup live at Halcyon House now. Betty found and took for Kent a 1980s VCR tape with Claire Keating the “model”-having drawn the “short straw” for a color draping session done by Janet Osincup Hurley. Janet and Kent had been in a Washington High School musical play together years ago. Yes, last weekend was special for Betty and her girls!

Congrats to our February 600 Club Members! The following people worked out AT LEAST 600 minutes in the month of February: Mathena Barta, Larry Canfield, Shirley Canfield, Bill Chmelar, Roger Cutkomp, Gladys Ferguson, Audrey Goldsmith, Bea Johnson, Jane Leyden, Karen McCreedy, Mona Paul, Becky Patterson, Clyde Pearce, Marcella Reed, Erma Ropp, Denny Sorrell, Rosie Stelton, Linda Sturdevant, Fran Victor, Peter Weller, and Sandy Weller. In total, the residents worked out over 27,000 minutes in February. Great Job to all of the participants!

February and March birthday club met on Monday, March 4. Residents enjoyed homemade cinnamon rolls and reminisced about their childhood. Residents attending the breakfast were: Clyde Pearce, Eva Gallagher, and Audrey Fink.

Happy Birthday wishes go out this week to Marjorie Kline, Audrey Finke and Clyde Pearce.

Halcyon House residents and team members wish to extend their deepest sympathies to the families and friends of Nathan Guy and Shirley Arbogast.