An open letter to the Washington City Council

Dear Editor,

I have just received my copy of the Washington Community News flyer.

I wish to take issue with the garbage pick-up described on the first page.

My background: I have lived in Washington for almost 40 years. I bought my home in Washington in 1985. I’ve been here a while. My status currently is retired and living alone.

The cost of the water bill here has more than doubled recently. Now, as I understand the flyer, the water bill is expected to increase July 1, due to a change in the garbage pick-up contract. Please note that I do not use a bag every week, but maybe one bag every three weeks or so. This cost increase represents a very large increase in the amount I currently pay for trash pick-up. It also represents a very large increase in the “already extremely high” water bill.

The water bill is my focus. But, when you add that to the ridiculous increases in the electric and gas bill, the “Even more” ridiculously high property taxes, your seemingly endless desire to spend other people’s money... well, you can see what I’m thinking.

Dave Miller of Washington