Wrestlers claim Highland title

By Matt Bryant, The JOURNAL


Washington wrestlers claim Highland tournament title

Featuring 15 ranked wrestlers from 13 schools, Highland?s Gary Curtis Invitational wrestling tournament on Saturday provided a tough test for area grapplers. Leading by just 3.5 points as a team heading into the final round, Washington pulled away to take the title by 12.5 over South Tama County.

?I am extremely proud of the way our kids battled all day,? said Washington Coach Brent Van Weelden, ?It was a tight race between us and South Tama.?

Washington crowned three individual champions, two runners-up, and four third place finishers.

?We had eleven guys finish in the top four which was crucial to the team?s win. Out of the 13 guys that wrestled Saturday, we had eight win their final match. This was the difference in the tournament,? said Van Weelden.

Washington?s Walker Ikerd pinned his way to the 120-pound title with three falls, including a 0:28 stick over Columbus Community?s Tucker Bright in the finals.

The Demons, Tristin Westphal-Edwards pinned his first two opponents on the way to a battle of ranked wrestlers in the 170-pound final. Westphal-Edwards, ranked No. 3 in Class 2A, faced off against Iowa City Regina?s Ryan Schott, ranked No. 7 in Class 1A, for the title. Westphal-Edwards edged out Schott with a 4-2 decision.

220-pound Demon Tanner Murphy earned a spot in the final with a pin and a decision in the first two rounds. Murphy won the bracket by sticking Muscatine?s Dalton Sell late in the third period.

?These three wrestled really well and led our team to a first place finish,? stated Van Weelden.


Columbus Community finished 3rd in the team race crowning one champion in No. 1 ranked Jarod Kadel at 106-pounds. Columbus earned four top four finishes including Kadel.

Highland finished in a sixth-place tie, placing six wrestlers in the top four.

Mid-Prairie?s 220 pounder Isaac Boucher made the medals stand with a 3rd place finish. He was the only Golden Hawk to earn a top four finish.

Full results for Columbus, Highland and Mid-Prairie will be in tomorrow?s Journal.

Final Team Standings

1) Washington ? 200.0; 2) South Tama County ? 187.5; 3) Columbus Community ? 126.0; 4) New London ? 103.0; 5) Muscatine ? 95.5; 6) Cascade ? 91.0; 6) Highland ? 91.0; 8) Alburnett ? 85; 9) Saydel ? 84.5; 10) Iowa City Liberty ? 48.5; 11) Iowa City Regina ? 48.0; 12) West Branch ? 47.0; 13) Mid-Prairie ? 25.0.

Washington Individual Results

106: Matt Collett (Washington) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Matt Collett (Washington) over Tyler Siemen (West Branch) (Dec 4-3) Semifinals - Jared Kadel (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) over Matt Collett (Washington) (Fall 0:44) 3rd Place Match - Cade Cook (Alburnett) over Matt Collett (Washington) (Dec 8-1)

113: Brennan Murphy (Washington) - 5th

Round 1 - Nico Garcia (Saydel) over Brennan Murphy (Washington) (Fall 0:37) Round 2 - Jaymus Wilson (Alburnett) over Brennan Murphy (Washington) (Fall 1:17) Round 3 - Brady Barton (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) over Brennan Murphy (Washington) (Fall 1:40) Round 4 - Carson Staner (Cascade) over Brennan Murphy (Washington) (Fall 0:50)

120: Walker Ikerd (Washington) - 1st

Quarterfinals - Walker Ikerd (Washington) over Brady Knode (South Tama County) (Fall 2:40) Semifinals - Walker Ikerd (Washington) over Henry May (Regina, Iowa City) (Fall 1:48) 1st Place Match - Walker Ikerd (Washington) over Tucker Bright (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) (Fall 0:28)

132: Dillan Sanders (Washington) - 4th

Quarterfinals - Dillan Sanders (Washington) over Jared Alger (Iowa City Liberty) (MD 11-2) Semifinals - Brady Fritz (South Tama County) over Dillan Sanders (Washington) (Fall 0:55) 3rd Place Match - Cody Lehman (Saydel) over Dillan Sanders (Washington) (Dec 4-2)

138: Garrett Ikerd (Washington) - 2nd

Quarterfinals - Garrett Ikerd (Washington) over Juanito Piper (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) (Dec 5-0) Semifinals - Garrett Ikerd (Washington) over Cory Stewart (Highland) (Dec 7-2) 1st Place Match - Tanner Probasco (South Tama County) over Garrett Ikerd (Washington) (Dec 5-1)

145: David Hora (Washington) - 3rd

Champ. Round 1 - David Hora (Washington) over Macauley Riley (Alburnett) (Fall 1:59) Quarterfinals - David Hora (Washington) over Jose Cereza (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) (Dec 7-1) Semifinals - Colton Vest (South Tama County) over David Hora (Washington) (Fall 0:51) 3rd Place Match - David Hora (Washington) over Brady Hahn (Highland) (MD 16-5)

152: Kiowa Keith (Washington) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Kiowa Keith (Washington) over Joe Allred (Mid-Prairie) (Fall 0:32) Semifinals - Gabe Carter (New London) over Kiowa Keith (Washington) (Dec 6-0) 3rd Place Match - Kiowa Keith (Washington) over Guy Martial (Muscatine) (Dec 7-4)

160: Dylan Farmer (Washington) - 5th

Champ. Round 1 - Dylan Farmer (Washington) over Ben Meader (Mid-Prairie) (Dec 10-3) Quarterfinals - Pedro Rodriguez (South Tama County) over Dylan Farmer (Washington) (Fall 3:39) Cons. Round 1 - Dylan Farmer (Washington) over Angel Nunez (Cascade) (MD 9-0) Cons. Semis - Dylan Farmer (Washington) over Jacob Morgan (Iowa City Liberty) (Dec 8-5) 5th Place Match - Dylan Farmer (Washington) over Morgan Hartz (West Branch) (Dec 8-2)

170: Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) - 1st

Quarterfinals - Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) over Gavin Luze (Iowa City Liberty) (Fall 1:27) Semifinals - Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) over Zach Ries (Cascade) (Fall 1:52) 1st Place Match - Tristin Westphal-Edwards (Washington) over Ryan Schott (Regina, Iowa City) (Dec 4-2)

182: Collin Murphy (Washington) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Collin Murphy (Washington) over Chance Malone Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) (Fall 4:31) Semifinals - Nick Milder (Regina, Iowa City) over Collin Murphy (Washington) (Dec 7-2) 3rd Place Match - Collin Murphy (Washington) over Brennan Broders (Muscatine) (MD 9-0)

195: Logan Escher (Washington) - 3rd

Quarterfinals - Logan Escher (Washington) over Alberto Lagunas (Columbus/ Winfield-Mt. Union ) (Fall 1:14) Semifinals - Cael Kellogg (South Tama County) over Logan Escher (Washington) (Dec 5-1) 3rd Place Match - Logan Escher (Washington) over Jaxon Allen (New London) (Fall 0:29)

220: Tanner Murphy (Washington) - 1st

Quarterfinals - Tanner Murphy (Washington) over Mason Olmstead (Alburnett) (Fall 0:34) Semifinals - Tanner Murphy (Washington) over Isaac Boucher (Mid-Prairie) (Dec 6-1) 1st Place Match - Tanner Murphy (Washington) over Dalton Sell (Muscatine) (Fall 5:44)

285: Mitchell Huisenga (Washington) - 2nd

Quarterfinals - Mitchell Huisenga (Washington) over Kolton Fangman (Iowa City Liberty) (Fall 0:26) Semifinals - Mitchell Huisenga (Washington) over Jacob Barnhart (West Branch) (Fall 1:28) 1st Place Match - Nolan Bell (Muscatine) over Mitchell Huisenga (Washington) (Fall 2:20)