Work session held to review RFPs

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL

Thursday morning, the Washington County Board of Supervisors, Communications and E-911 Services boards met to review the Request For Proposals they received to replace communications equipment.

Washington County chief deputy Shawn Ellingson said Mike Day, the consultant from Elert and Associates they?re working with, helped go through some of the details in the RFPs.

?It went good,? Ellingson said. ?It was a very high altitude overview of the two proposals.?

The two proposals were submitted by Harris? (RACOM) and Motorola. Ellingson said Harris? proposal came in at about $5.6 million. Motorola?s proposal came in at around $7.2 million.

?We are not convinced those are the final numbers,? Ellingson said. ?We were relatively happy that it was less than the original quote of $10.2 million, but still need to dig in. There is a lot to look at before we make any judgments.?

Day is going to review the RFPs in the next week, he added.

?He has some questions he wants clarified and we have some questions, too,? Ellingson said.

The committees also will meet again next week to review the RFPs to see if there are other questions they have, he added. Then a public meeting will be held on April 11 at the sheriff?s office with the E-911, Communications and Emergency Management boards. At that meeting, Day will give a presentation to the boards about the RFPs and will compare them apples to apples.

It will take some time to review the quotes before a decision is made for which one to go with, Ellingson said.