Wellman Clover Kids turn into engineers

The Wellman Clover Kid Club turned into engineers at the March 26 meeting. After reading Curious George Visits the Chocolate Factory, each group was challenge to design its own candy machine that would move a piece of candy 3 feet. Members designed, built, tested, measured, redesigned and loved it. Each group was excited to demonstrate how their machine worked and each of them very differently.

Lots of creativity and hands-on learning is involved with this STEM-Lit to Go kit that teaches STEM with literacy. Twelve STEM-Lit to Go kits, each with different lessons and books, are available for checkout to any groups working with youth and wanting hands-on learning experiences from the Washington County Extension Office.

Clover Kids is a fun 4-H program for children kindergarten-to third-grade to participate in hands-on activities designed to build life skills. Elley Gould, Emily Baetsle, and Kristy Lowenberg are the volunteer leaders for the Wellman Clover Kids. Washington County 4-H has eight Clover Kid clubs around the county. If interested in helping with this growing program as a volunteer, please contact Amy at the Washington County Extension office at 319-653-4811.