Washington Archery participates in Bulls-eye and 3D tournaments

Submitted by Kathy Stender


Washington Archery participates in Bullseye and 3D tournaments at Center Point Urbana February 17 and Mt. Vernon February 24.

At Center Point Urbana, Washington High School placed 1st out of 9 teams with a team score of 3331 and 2nd out of 10 teams at Mt. Vernon with a 3339 team score.

At CPU, Samantha Mellinger led the High School Girls? Division with a 292 second place finish and Anna Venenga placed 7th with a 280.

In the high school boys? division, Braeden Duwa placed 2nd with a 287, Bryan Martin placed 4th with a 285, Cooper Reed placed 6th with a 282, and Griffin Wood placed 9th with a 280.

At Mt. Vernon, Samantha Mellinger placed 3rd with a 290, Griffin Wood placed 7th . with a 283, Braedan Duwa placed 10th with a 282, and Anna Miller placed 10th with a 281.

The Washington Middle School team placed 2nd out of 7 teams at CPU with a team score of 3202 and 1st out of 9 teams at Mt. Vernon with a score of 3216.

At CPU, Allison Rees placed 1st place with a score of 282, Brian Fritz placed 10th with a score of 272, and Kenna Rathmell placed 12th scoring 270.

At Mt. Vernon, Allison Rees placed 2nd with a 286, Curtis Stender placed 5th with a 279 and Duston Sorrells placed 7th with a 278.

Lincoln Elementary continued their climb by again shooting their highest team scores of the season with a 2834 at CPU for 2nd place and 2844 at Mt. Vernon for 4th place.

At CPU, Cashden Pepper led all scores with a 4th place finish in the boys? division with a 263, Sammy Jo Helfrich scored a 253 and a 1st place finish in the girls? division followed by 2nd place from Nikole Hall?s 249, Kyann Miller?s 5th place finish of 245, and Jade Sheetz?s 241 6th place finish.

At Mt. Vernon, Sammy Jo Helfrich again took top prize with a 255 and Cashden Pepper scored a 264 and placed 7th. Nikole Hall scored a 235 and placed 8th.

During the Mt. Vernon tournament, each level participated in the 3D Tournament. The high school placed 4th with a score of 1654. Griffin Wood placed 2nd with a 288, Alexis Ide placed 2nd with a 285, and Anna Miller placed 8th with a 278. The middle school placed 5th with a 1529 score. Allison Rees placed 6th with a 259, Curtis Stender placed 13th with a 261, and Alex Craff placed 16th with a 257. The elementary placed 3rd with a score of 1329. Sammy Jo Helfrich placed 2nd with a 230, Nikole Hall placed 3rd with a 220, and Cashden Pepper placed 14th with a 228.

As of February 26th Bullseye state rankings, the high school is ranked 4th, the middle school 4th, and the elementary school is ranked 5th. In 3D, the high school is ranked 9th, the middle school 6th and the elementary is 7th.

All individual and team results can be viewed at Washington will be hosting the Washington Fun Shoot this Saturday, March 3 at Washington Middle School to wrap up the season before attending the State Tournament on March 10 and 11, 2018.