Ward 4 candidates trade ideas

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Three candidates that were competing for one spot on the Washington City Council, in the Ward 4 chair, got to answer several questions posed to them during a candidate?s forum hosted by the Washington Chamber of Commerce.

Candidates Bob Gaal, Chris Gault and Fran Stigers all answered questions related to the present and the future of Washington, as well as what the plans would be if elected.

Gaal opened the forum with introductory remarks, saying he is self-employed and has learned during that time that he has learned the difference between a need and a want, as well as the understanding that it is easier to save money than make money. He believes those lessons qualify him to sit on the council.

Gault, who, it was stated during the forum, is Ward 2 representative Steve Gault?s son, said he had worked on the hotel-motel tax committee. He said he had enjoyed the thought of bringing tourism to Washington and had decided to run for city council. Gault also said he has learned compassion and empathy which he would bring to the council.

During the forum, Stigers gave short and concise answers, saying that this is who he would represent Ward 4. He said that he wants to help Washington be a better place for everyone. He said he has experience working with large budgets and collaborating.

Gaal spoke in favor of a proposal made by mayoral candidate Pete Schaefer to have the council meetings streamed on the Internet. He stressed that people needed to get out and vote.

Gault also encouraged people to get out and vote, as well as read up on the topics to make sure they are well-versed and know more about the issues.

Stigers said he wanted the chance to be the voice of the people of his ward. He said he has a name people know and that they can trust.