United Presbyterian Home Newsz

The 2017 Be A Star Award winners were announced this week and a group picture taken. Residents who attend exercise classes or use the Fitness Center 150 times or more per year qualify as an award winner and earned a logoed cinched backpack for their efforts toward health and wellness. Residents recognized for this honor include Betty Beenblossom, Esther Bordwell, Jackie Bower, Richard Colby, Esther Fickel, Betty Flynn, Dean Garrett, Joyce Huff, Pat Jenkins, Kathy Knutson, Dorothy Koehler, Lucy Landon, Mary Meeker, Myron Shields, Ted Stewart, Betty Thompson, Charlie Thompson, Hank Tompkins, Marion Turnipseed, Dorothy White, Gwen Ying, Herb Yoder.

Sharon Evans celebrated her birthday sharing birthday cake with everyone in the Health Center Friday afternoon and later that day enjoyed a family dinner in which many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren attended.

Andrew Zuehlke?s love of opera showed through Monday as he emceed Encore Presents Opera, a meal featuring Operatic music, history and fine dining. Ellen Anderson-Keifer and Cory Evans prepared a meal in which each dish holds a connection to the music or a composer. A pancetta arancini appetizer was followed by a broccoli, white bean and pecorino salad and turkey tetrazzini (named after opera singer Luisa Tetrazzini) with a dessert of peach melba (named after Soprano Nellie Melba). Diners enjoyed each entrée while listening to the music that inspired it, as has been the case for the entire 400-year history of opera.

Cottage residents met for the February potluck Monday evening with 31 residents and one guest, Joe Triplett, present. Serving committee for the evening included Darwin and Dorothy Widmer, Jim and Arbie Reed and Ted Stewart. Ted also accompanied the group on the piano as they sang patriotic songs in recognition of Presidents Day. Those with February birthdays included Arbie Reed, Betty Thompson, Carol Ray, Leon Hanson, Elva Herman and Reid Orris.

Five members of the book club met to discuss a memoir by Jeannette Walls called ?The Glass Castle.? Julia Gamon led the discussion. Walls grew up in a very dysfunctional family but managed to thrive and to tell her story with humor and compassion. Next month?s book will be State of Wonder, a novel by Ann Patchett. It is the story of a research lab set along the Amazon River and the people involved with it. Carol Ray will lead the discussion.

Classics Et Cetera for March 1, included the prelude to Act I and Act III to ?Lohengrin? by Richard Wagner; Finale of Wind Octet in B-flat Major by Franz Lachner; 1st Movement of Piano Sonata No. 14 (?Moonlight?) by Ludwig van Beethoven; ?Granada? by Augustín Lara played by the Make Believe Brass Quintet; 3rd and 4th Movements of Symphony No. 103 by Joseph Haydn; ?Black Jack,? a march by Fred K. Huffer.

Piano Sonata No. 14 (?Moonlight?) was composed by Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) in 1801. He dedicated the now famous piece to Austrian Countess Julie Guicciardi (1782-1856), a new arrival in Vienna who soon became known for her beauty. She had become Beethoven?s piano student, and they soon fell in love. He proposed to her, and she accepted, but her family would not allow her to marry him, probably due to their differing social statuses and, perhaps, ages. Beethoven never married, but the Countess did in 1803 and moved to Naples, where she lived for some 20 years.