United Presbyterian Home News

Residents gathered in the Town Center Friday morning to wish Julia Gamon a happy birthday and celebrate the occasion with coffee and treats provided by Julia.

The Rev. Maureen Howard held an Ash Wednesday service in the Moore Family Dining Room Wednesday morning for residents of all denominations. The service included responsive readings, scriptures, hymns, prayer and imposition of ashes. Other churches distributed ashes to their members throughout the day.

Up with Day Care kids celebrated the holiday by playing musical hearts, valentine Bingo and exchanging valentines with each other. They snacked on valentine cookies and punch before coloring more hearts.

Washington Middle School students returned Wednesday for an encore virtual expedition reality tour using Google?s Virtual Reality Goggles. Residents were excited to tour the Grand Canyon and St. Paul?s Cathedral in London as they looked through the googles. Residents report that they enjoy the opportunity to learn something new involving an ever-changing world of technology and are grateful for the students who are willing to teach them.

Becca Enfield was busy on Wednesday delivering the many beautiful flower bouquets that arrived for residents and staff on Valentine?s Day. It was a sweet job that resulted in many smiles on the faces of the recipients and the delivery girl.

Andrew Vogel of the Activities Department transformed the Moore Family Dining Room into a valentine oasis for the sweethearts dance Wednesday afternoon. Red and pink shaped hearts were scattered around with plenty of chocolate candies to go along with the sweet and savory treats provided by the dining services. Ned Francis provided music for both dancing and listening enjoyment.

The Fitness Center challenged residents and staff to random acts of kindness this week. They got creative with the challenge and delivered cookies, shoveled sidewalks, gave a friend a ride to a meeting, delivered multiple meals following Sunday church service and the list goes on and on ? just everyday acts of kindness around here.

A new crochet class has been added to the list of UPH activities. Residents join together each Thursday morning to crochet blankets, hats, scarves and other items to be donated to local charities. This is another example of kindness and generosity.

Classics Et Cetera for Feb. 15, included the overture to ?Childish Games? by Franz von Suppé; 1st Movement of Piano Sonata No. 8 (?Pathetique?) by Ludwig van Beethoven; Liebeslieder Waltzes Nos. 1-5 by Johannes Brahms; ?There?s Schottis? played by The Foot-Notes; 1st Movement of Symphony No. 103 by Franz Joseph Haydn; ?How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings? sung by Richard Crooks, tenor; ?The Entry into Paris March? by Johann Heinrich Walch.

Ignaz Moscheles (1794-1870), not well-known today but a famous pianist and composer in his day, was 10 years old when Beethoven?s (1770-1827) ?Pathetique? Piano Sonata was published. He could not afford to buy the music, so he copied it in a library. His music teacher warned him against playing ?eccentric productions? until he ?had developed a style based on more respectable models.? Nevertheless, he laid it on his piano with other Beethoven works and, he said, ?found in them such consolation and pleasure as no other composer ever vouchsafed me.?