United Presbyterian Home News

Jim and Arbie Reed celebrated their birthdays and anniversary with treats in the Town Center last Friday morning. Their birthdays are less than a week apart with their wedding anniversary soon following.

The family of Carol Flickinger held an open house in honor of Carol?s 95th birthday Saturday afternoon in the Moore Family Dining Room. Many friends, neighbors and family members attended to express their personal birthday wishes to Carol.

Jane Vetter was certainly surprised when her family visited for a combination belated Christmas and January birthday party this week. Those present were Andy, Anna, Zoey and Olivia Vetter of Coralville; Jeff, Amy, Isaac and Cole Vetter of Washington; Angela Helms and Brayton of Swisher and Joe Verrips of Cedar Rapids.

Six members of the Book Club met Wednesday to discuss Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. This novel is based on the life of the author?s grandmother, Lily Casey. The February book will continue with the same author as she recounts more of her family?s history in her award-winning novel, Glass Castle.

The sound of children singing was heard throughout the Health Center Wednesday afternoon as Spiritual Life Director, Andrew Zuehlke conducted a children?s sing-along with day care kids. A popular tune of theirs is the Hot Dog Song from the Mickey Mouse cartoon show. There is a little dancing action that goes along with it. The kids also know Jesus Loves Me and God is an Awesome God and sing those songs to residents on a routine basis.

Health Center residents made jewelry this week which they will offer for sale at a community bake sale Friday morning to raise funds for the spouse of an employee who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The beaded necklaces are formed from clay and gold leaf tissue to create attractive accessories. Residents and staff will also contribute to the fundraiser with baked goods and homemade treats.

Susan Niemeyer of Torrance, California, spent the week visiting her mother, Duretta Niemeyer. The two shared quality time together and enjoyed dining out for several meals.

Those celebrating birthdays in the Town Center this week included Lucy Landon and Betty Flynn. Lucy and Betty provided treats on separate days to the delight of the morning coffee crowd.

Classis Et Cetera for Feb. 1, included the overture to ?Alceste? by Christoph Willibald Gluck; 2nd Movement of Piano Sonata No. 18 by Ludwig van Beethoven; ?Largo? from ?Xerxes? by George Frideric Handel; 3rd Movement of Clarinet Concerto No. 3 by Bernhard Henrik Crusell; ?Blue Bells of Scotland? by Arthur Pryor; 3rd Movement of Symphony No. 5 by Franz Schubert; ?York?scher Marsch? by Ludwig van Beethoven.

The world of opera in 18th century London was a cutthroat business, and George Frideric Handel was able to take care of his own interests. A famous story tells how he dealt with one real-life prima donna who insisted on singing an aria her way, not his. He grabbed hold of her and dangled her from out of an upstairs window, roaring that, while she might be a devil, he was Satan himself.