United Presbyterian Home News

Mary, Teresa, Brynn and Luke Beenblossom hosted the Beenblossom Christmas gathering Dec. 30 and 31. Those present were Betty Beenblossom and her children Mike, Megan, Michael, Cameron and Elena Beenblossom of Chicago, Illinois; Matt, Karlyn, Tia and Taryn Beenblossom of Indianola; Justin, Michelle, Colten, Kaitlyn and Chloe Glosser of Packwood; Megan Beenblossom and Jessie Wharton of Independence, Missouri. The group traveled to an Amish home near Kalona to enjoy a delicious and very filling meal. Family members decided to make donations to the food pantry in place of gifts this year. The remainder of the evening was spent at Marty and Teresa?s home playing games and having fun. All the granddaughters went home with Betty to spend the night and have a slumber party. Relatives departed for home on Sunday.

Norman and Ann Thomas received visitors from Roslyn, Pennsylvania, over the weekend. Norman?s son Bryan and Jessica Thomas along with their adult daughters Ashley and Tara arrived for a post-Christmas visit. During their stay they toured the State Theater, ate out and spent fun family time together. The cold weather did not bother these visitors as they came from a cold and very snow-filled Pennsylvania.

Connie Bauer and Bob Crane traveled by bus to Chicago last weekend to visit in the home of Bob?s son and family. They toured the Shedd Aquarium and the Chicago Historical Museum. Even though the bus was not always on schedule, Bob and Connie did not have to worry about driving in bad weather.

Evelyn Hayes celebrated her 90th birthday with a family dinner in the Campus Center Saturday evening. A large crowd gathered on a cold winter evening to help Evelyn celebrate her day. Present were Evelyn?s children Duane and Lucetta Sobaski of Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Marion and Christine Hayes of Washington, and Shelley Hayes of Washington, along with seven grandchildren and all eight great-grandchildren. They all enjoyed sharing Grandma Evelyn?s birthday cake following the meal.

Washington Middle School students took residents on a virtual expedition using the latest technology and Google?s Virtual Reality Goggles Wednesday morning when they visited the UPH. Residents report that it was like going on vacation. Looking through the goggles, it was as though they were standing in front of the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, leaning on the Great Wall of China or touring historic Gettysburg without leaving the building. Even those with diminished vision were able to see the view surrounding them and enjoy the trip. Students promised to return next month with their goggles and residents requested vacation destinations still on their bucket lists.

Classics Et Cetera for Jan. 11, included the overture to ?The Marriage of Figaro? by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; 3rd Movement of Piano Quintet in F Minor by Johannes Brahms; ?He Watching Over Israel? from ?Elijah? by Felix Mendelssohn; ?How Dry I Am? performed by The Boston Pops; Lyric Suite, Op. 54a by Edvard Grieg; ?Sabre and Spurs,? march by John Philip Sousa.

The ?Lyric Pieces,? by Edvard Grieg (1843-1907), who is considered Norway?s greatest composer, is a collection of 66 short piano pieces published in 10 volumes over a 34-year period. Book V, Op. 54, is thought by many to be the finest of the 10, and three of its piano numbers were orchestrated by Austro-Hungarian conductor Anton Seidl (1859-1898). Grieg orchestrated one more, made some alterations in Seidl?s work, and published all four pieces as ?Lyric Suite,? Op. 54a.