Tindal donates classic car to Y building fund

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


After only putting about 300 miles on his 1963 Chevrolet Corvair since purchasing it about seven years ago, local attorney Doug Tindall is passing the car on where he feels it will be able to do some good.

Recently Tindal, who let is membership to the YMCA of Washington County lapse years ago, contacted the Y Board to offer the car as a way to raise funds for Y building project. The board quickly accepted the offer. Soon, Tindal will sign the title and hand the keys of the classic convertible, and amalgamation of a Corvette and a Bel Air, to the board.

?I had fond memories of the Y over the years,? Tindall commented. ?I really thought the project to build a new Y building was a good idea. Everything is expensive, but the community is lucky to have something like the Y.?

After having attended several car shows as a spectator, Tindal thought it would be fun to join the ranks of the collectors at the shows. He enjoyed the idea of sitting at a show next to a classic car with the hood open, allowing people to see the care and skill that had gone into the building of the vehicle.

?I thought about some of the cars I had seen as a kid and what I would like to own,? Tindal said. ?I went on eBay to find something.?

It was there he found the Corvair Spyder being marketed by a seller in Phoenix, Ariz. The classic compact car, with the rear-mounted engine, also came with a turbo charger. The car had about 30,000 miles on it. Tindal won the vehicle and had it shipped to Washington.

Tindal, a Washington native, recalls his first job at the YMCA. In high school, he worked part time at the Y as a lifeguard at the pool. When the project to construct a new Y building came up, he knew he had to help.

?We are really excited Doug Tindallhas generously offered to donate his classic car to our building project,? Y interim CEO Amy Schulte said. ?We think it is a great way to demonstrate to the community all the different ways people can be part of the project. We are glad he had the imagination to come to us and offer it to us.?

Y board chairman Ed Weeks said that the board still is discussing how to sell the car. He said it would be a board decision whether to sell it at an auction, to raffle it off, or another option. Online, some vintage Corvairs had an asking price of around $20,000. Tindal believes it is worth that, given its low mileage.

Schulte said the Y?s fundraising efforts have continued. She said June was great for the project, as the Y had taken in $43,750 in new pledges for the project.

?We are continuing our progress and are really proud of the support that we are getting from the community,? Schulte beamed. ?We are having several pledges come in from people who aren?t necessarily members of the Y.?

In May 2017, the YMCA of Washington County Board unveiled a new design for a building to replace the existing 92-year-old building located in the 100 block of East Main Street. The Y Board started a fundraising campaign called ?Y ? For a Better Us,? to pay for the construction. The phased building plan is to complete a Phase 1 building with a $3 million Phase 2 addition as soon as fundraising efforts make it possible which includes an indoor swimming pool. The building?s design can also be expanded to include a third phase as well as other future expansions as needed. The plan is downsized from a previous $10.4 million plan. More information on the project can be found online at