Time capsule yields personal messages

By John Butters, The JOURNAL


One never knows what will turn up in a time capsule.

Pastor Colton Clay of Grace Community Church met with his congregation on a Sunday afternoon in November to find out what was in a 25-year time capsule buried beneath a cover stone near the church foundation.

What did they find? Well, a treasure trove of letters.

?Mostly greetings and good wishes for the future,? said Clay.

Many of the letters found were written by parents to their children, but some were addressed to the entire congregation. The parents? letters were delivered unopened to as many of the adult children as the church could locate.

Clay says there are still some unclaimed letters. Those individuals whose parents attended the church in the years previous to the interment of the capsule can contact the church to find out if a letter was left for them.

Other items placed in a small plastic cooler were a church directory, a church mug, a copy of The Washington Evening Journal, a cassete tape and a VHS tape of the church?s 100 year anniversary celebrated in 1992. While there were few articles of interest, the congregation enjoyed hearing from their friends and neighbors from 25 years ago.

The Grace Community Church building has a long history in Washington. It began its service as a Methodist Church, then served a Disciples of Christ congregtion. Approximately 10 years ago, the church chose to become nondenominational, but retained its First Christian Church name.

Clay said the new name, Grace Community, is more in keeping with its unaffiliated position. Clay has served the church as pastor for nine years.