Thanks for Main Street

To the Editor:


We would like to thank all those responsible for helping to initiate and facilitate the Main Street Program coming to Washington. Many thanks to all the individuals, groups and businesses who have helped Washington to continue to be a Main Street community for its 10 years!

The Main Street Program, its director (now Sarah Grunewaldt), its board and its hundreds of volunteers have helped Washington to positively grow. It also has helped Washingtonians to enjoy many interesting and fun downtown activities and to greatly improve the appearance of our downtown buildings. These Main Street supporters have also, through perseverance, grant writing and collaboration with local groups and businesses, been able to greatly maximize the dollars available to do all their ?good works.?

We?d like to express a huge thank-you to Main Street Director, Sarah Grunewaldt and Amy Vetter before her. Also, we offer a note of appreciation to the hard-working Main Street Board of Directors now and through the years. Lastly, we want to acknowledge the multitude of hours donated by the hundreds of volunteers, too. Thank you, one and all ? here?s to many more years of ?good works? in Washington by all the supporters of Washington?s Main Street Program!

Marde McConnell Joseph McConnell