Supervisors to review contract proposal

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors will review a contract from Carl A. Nelson and Company at the meeting Tuesday morning.

At the supervisors meeting March 7, the supervisors reviewed a proposal from Carl A. Nelson to be the construction manager while construction of a new communications center is being done.

However, Washington County attorney John Gish said he had some questions about what they submitted to the county. The proposal was just that ? a proposal submitted by the company and not a contract or written agreement. He had questions about the terms, parties that would be involved and the cost of what the contract would be.

Washington County chief deputy Shawn Ellingson told the supervisors the good thing about accepting the proposal from Carl A. Nelson is they would keep the timeline moving for the building project and they would help them find an architect for the project. Ellingson said he would reach out to Carl A. Nelson and Company to ask them to submit more detailed information about the contract terms.

Supervisor Jack Seward Jr. said there were things in the proposal the county could probably negotiate on. He also said that since the county was on a tight timeline to get things done with the building project and Carl A. Nelson had a good reputation ? the cost savings would be significant.

Seward said he was OK with accepting the proposal from Carl A. Nelson, but would like a contract detailing everything submitted to them. He made a motion to authorize the communications commission, E-911 and emergency management boards to move forward with plans to contract with Carl A. Nelson for their construction management services for the building project. The motion was approved unanimously.

The contract from Carl A. Nelson was submitted to the county last week.

There also will be a public hearing held on three animal confinement feeding operations, discussion and action regarding the Secondary Roads Department 2018-19 fiscal year Iowa Department of Transportation budget, discussion and action regarding the Washington County Secondary Roads Five Year Road Construction program and the sign replacement program for cities and counties.

The meeting will begin at 9:30 a.m., in the supervisors room at the courthouse.