Supervisors review equipment quotes for secondary roads

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The Washington County supervisors acknowledged two equipment purchases for secondary roads at the meeting Tuesday morning.

The first purchase was for a motor grader. Every 16 years, secondary roads has it scheduled to replace the heavy equipment they use, Washington County engineer Jacob Thorius said. They have 12 motor graders ? 11 are used to blade the gravel roads and clean the ditches and one is a spare.

?We?ll be trading in a 2005 140H,? Thorius said. ?It?s got just under 12,000 hours on it and we?ve been using that machine as a frontline machine and it?s time to get rid of it.?

The spare motor grader is in better shape than this one, he added. It was originally purchased for $173,205 and the county is getting $54,000 value on the trade-in, so the purchase price for the new motor grader is $184,940.

Thorius asked the supervisors to acknowledge this purchase, which would come out of next year?s fiscal budget, he said. The estimated time to get the equipment delivered is 24 weeks.

The supervisors acknowledged the purchase unanimously.

The second piece of equipment is a replacement skid steer track loader, Thorius said.

They have a Bobcat track loader they use to get down into the ditches to mow and clean out box culverts, he said.

They sent it in to repair the rear axle that?s bending due to a design flaw. The company was willing to fix it but not guarantee it.

?While it?s still in good shape ? we?re going to get rid of it,? Thorius said. ?It?s not going to be a maintenance issue for us.?

They looked around to replace it and have decided to purchase a CAT 299D2 XHP track loader to replace the Bobcat.

The purchase price is $95,538, but they?ll get $42,000 trade-in value, making the purchase price $53,538. he said.

?It?s an unexpected expense, but we?ll make it work out of this year?s budget,? Thorius said. ?We?re expecting it hopefully in early March.?

This wasn?t something Thorius wanted to do, but felt it was the right decision for the county, he said.

?Actually, I don?t think that trade-in value is too bad,? board chairman Abe Miller said.

The supervisor acknowledged this purchase unanimously.

The supervisors also approved 9 a.m., Feb. 27, as the bid letting date for road projects on Maple Avenue and 105th Street.

Thorius said he hopes the contract can be awarded at the Feb. 27 supervisors meeting for this project.