Supervisors extend demolition deadline

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


The supervisors decided to extend the deadline for bids on abating asbestos and having a residential property demolished at 302 West Main Street by the end of February, at its meeting Tuesday morning.

The county previously advertised the Request for Proposals (RFPs) to be handed in by Nov. 3. In the RFP the county had the deadline date of Dec. 31 for the work to be done.

Washington County engineer Jacob Thorius said there were a few issues with this RFP.

?We did not get any proposals last Friday,? Thorius said. ?I spent the day yesterday calling around to contractors. It?s sounds like there are a variety of reasons.?

Several of the contractors told Thorius if they had a longer deadline to do the work they would have bid on the project because they?re busy doing other work before winter sets in, he said. The other reasons were miscommunication about when the proposal deadline was to get something submitted to the county.

?There are people interested, but with what they?re doing they couldn?t make it work,? Thorius added.

He recommended readvertising the Request for Proposal and extending the deadline for the asbestos abatement and demolition of the residential property until the end of January or February.

?We have no plans for anything going on over there next door other than filling in the hole and waiting to see what the next step is,? Thorius said. ?We?ll still be able to fill the hole and it will be able to settle out a little longer over the winter and still work for us.?

Supervisor Abe Miller asked Thorius if the county was really in a hurry to have the work completed by Dec. 31.

?There wasn?t [a hurry],? Thorius replied. ?Other than just the mind-set of letting it go through a freeze-thaw cycle.?

The utilities are all off, with no plans to build anything next spring, he added.

?Is there a problem with whoever is bidding on it having to do both?? supervisor Richard Young asked Thorius.

?No, I don?t think so, and I would rather we leave it that way,? Thorius replied. ?It just takes us out of being the middleman.?

Young asked Thorius if advertising the RFP until Nov. 20 or Nov. 28 would be better. Thorius said Nov. 28.

?I?d say we give them as much time as we can,? Miller added.

Thorius asked the supervisors if they had a preference of when the building was taken down. They had communicated to him before the deadline of Dec. 31.

?Could you word the request as we will let them choose when they do it and what the price is?? supervisor Jack Seward Jr. asked Thorius.

?I?d like to have a deadline, because then I got somebody saying, ?Oh, yeah, we?ll do it, but we won?t do it until next July,?? Thorius said.

Thorius suggested a start by or finish by date to be listed on the proposal.

Seward asked Thorius if the county could do the work with its own dump trucks and excavators. Thorius said they could but he would bid against everybody else because he didn?t know how long it would take his employees to do the work. Several of the contractors interested in the work had bigger dump trucks to take more to the landfill with.

?Good point,? Seward said.

Miller suggested having the deadline for the work to be completed by the end of February. Everyone agreed.

The supervisors unanimously approved having the bids turned in by Nov. 28 and the work completed by the end of February.

The supervisors also approved hiring Kathy Dolan for the office manager position at the engineer?s office.

They had 30 applicants and interviewed five people, Thorius said. Dolan was selected for the position after the interview. She currently works at the conservation education center and will begin working for Thorius next Monday.