Supervisors approve culvert work at Recycling Center

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


While culvert work may not be needed at the Washington County Recycling Center, the Washington County Board of Supervisors decided if the driveway to the facility was to be paved, the culvert should be replaced.

During the regular supervisors meeting Tuesday morning, county engineer Jacob Thorius said a study found the culvert does not currently need replacing but said he would rather replace the culvert before concrete is poured and culvert work would result in having to remove the new driveway. Thorius explained, The culvert doesn?t serve a huge drainage area and does not have much water running through it, However, there is no way to tell how long the pipe would last. The pipe could last two years or 20 years before needing replacement.

?It is going to have to be replaced at some point in time,? he said. ?When is anyone?s guess.?

Thorius gave a rough estimate of $1,600 for a cost to replace the culvert with a galvanized metal pipe. Plastic pipe would cost a bit more and concrete pipe would cost about twice that. Concrete, he said, should not have corrosion and should last indefinitely. Thorius will get prices for the piping.

The supervisors were in agreement to proactively replace the culvert.

Supervisors Stan Stoops and Abe Miller agreed that the culvert should be replaced before concrete is poured. Supervisor Jack Seward also said he wanted something in place that had a good shot at lasting several decades.

The supervisors then discussed where the money for the project would come from. Thorius said there were three funds the money could come from to replace the culvert, but all are taxpayer funded. The funds were the county?s general fund, the recycling center fund and the buildings and grounds fund.

The supervisors opted to go with metal piping. They also decided the money for the project should come from the building and grounds fund. After the supervisors approved the project, Thorius said he would return with cost estimates for the supervisors.