St. James to perform annual Christmas program

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


The annual St. James School Christmas program will be held at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 13, in the Washington Community Center. Prelude music will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will include students who take private lessons playing musical instruments.

St. James principal Beth McBride said the preschool singing will be led by Elizabeth Tinnes of Joy of Music. Music teacher Calli Lowry will lead the kindergarten through fifth grade classes. McBride also said 10 of the 13 fifth-graders in the school are involved in instrumental music and are being taught by Doug McBride at the school. They will play during the concert. McBride said the long-standing tradition of having a nativity scene would continue this year. The event will finish with an audience sing-along.

?We do this every year,? McBride said. ?A number of years ago we started doing it at the community center and it is just a good facility to perform in.?

One point of pride that McBride is happy to point out is that many of the songs this year are in Spanish. She said the music teacher and many of the students are fluent in Spanish. She also said that it is a great step that the students are learning music in another language.

McBride said the concert is a great tradition for the school. She said one of the mainstay attractions is to recognize the parents of students who would move on with their education at the end of the school year and this is their last Christmas concert. Another high point, she said, is the concert represents everything the school is able to do.

?We are able to learn and be involved in core academics as any other school, but we are also able to talk about the origin of our faith and the Christmas story,? McBride said. ?Those things are very much a part of our learning here. It is just a great opportunity to get together and celebrate it at the theater.?

She said the concert would have a free-will donation the night of the performance.