Showcasing the talent of Washington

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


The artistic side of Washington will be shown throughout July as Gallery Walk 2018 will be featured in businesses around the square from July 16 through July 23 and again this year area artists have had the chance to decorate a used water softening tube into a work of art to be displayed around the square.

Washington Chamber of Commerce assistant director Alesha Davis said 17 artists would be showcased at various businesses on the Washington square during the walk. She said works would include jewelry art, photography, fiber art, and a variety of forms of painting.

?The purpose is to recognize the artists in our community and share all the various artwork they have,? Davis said. ?We hope to get people to come downtown, view the artwork and stop in the shops.?

She said the art walk is usually held during fair week, as this way people from outside of Washington may be enticed to the square to see the works.

Returning this year is the L.E.T.?s Center?s tubular creations, in which water softener tubes have been sold. These are decorated and will be auctioned off to benefit the L.E.T.?s Center and Latinos for Washington. The L.E.T.?s Center for Healing and Creative Arts is a group that helps facilitate the needs of artists.

The practice of painting water softening tubes began as a result of L.E.T.?s co-founder Lorraine Williams? father having a water business. Williams had a barn full of the tubes and, because the fiberglass the tubes is made of isn?t biodegradable, didn?t want to dispose of them in a landfill. The members of the L.E.T.?s Center decided to use the tubes as a reuse, renew, recycle project and a fundraiser. Artists buy the tubes and make them into a work of art, which is displayed around the square during the Washington Chamber of Commerce?s Gallery Walk. Davis said this year there is a wide variety of Latino themed tubes.

The Fourth annual Totally Tubular Auction will be held at noon Saturday, July 28 at the Central Park bandstand. Pictures of the tubes that will be auctioned off can be found on the L.E.T.?s Center Facebook page.