Serious incidents increase in 2017

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Washington Police Department Lt. Ron See reported to the Washington City Council Tuesday evening that calls to the police that require reports to be written has increased by over 30 percent compared to the number of such calls received in 2016.

See reported that the incidents that required reports or investigations from officers, which he described as more than situations in which an officer had to go to the scene and talk to people, had increased. He said the numbers did not include vehicle accidents, but it does include things like operating while intoxicated calls.

?We have had 395 which generate reports of some sort, compared to last year at this time where we had 262, so that is an increase of 133,? See reported. ?We aren?t really sure why. We realized that we had an increase because we have been run ragged this year.?

He said the number of overall calls are about the same as they were last year. He said so far this year the department has responded to 3,542 calls and had responded to 3,524 in 2016.

Council member Kathryn Salazar asked if See knew what kind of calls had generated the additional work for the police force. See said he hadn?t had the chance to go back and look at the kinds of calls that officers had responded to. Salazar said she would be interested in seeing that information.

?I?ll try to take a look at that and see if I can determine what kind of calls they are,? he said.

Mayor Sandra Johnson asked if any of the calls had been the department assisting other agencies, such as going out into the county to assist the sheriff?s office. See thought some may be but he didn?t think that made up the majority. He also said the incident number designations on the files he researched are set up to indicate the initial responding agency. He said there was only one number per incident, although one incident may require several reports.

See said that he would research the kinds of calls officers responded to and have the information for the next Washington City Council meeting.