Seniors Brinning, Mitchell reminisce

By Doug Brenneman, JOURNAL Sports


Teammates often form a bond that can last a lifetime.

For Washington High School seniors Morgan Brinning and Megan Mitchell, any time spent with a teammate constitutes a great time and has been a lasting memory for them.

Brinning and Mitchell played their last home game in their high school career Thursday.

The two have accumulated so many memories in their careers as Demons that they may not recall all of them.

?I don?t know what my favorite memory of playing softball would be because, gosh, there is so many,? Mitchell said.

?I don?t really remember my eighth grade year,? Brinning said. ?I just remember being so young but the seniors were great and brought me in.?

Brinning will be a five-year varsity letter winner and Mitchell a four-year.

Both have started since they were freshmen.

?Both have meant a lot to our program,? Washington head coach Ben Obermann said. ?When I took over three years ago, those two were great leaders for us. They had both started varsity the year before. We knew they were going to help us build this program. We are certainly going to miss them next year. We have at least a week left with them and are planning to have even more.?

Of all the games they have played, Thursday?s sweep of Mount Pleasant rates a special place in the order of greatest memories. Sure it is the most recent, but it is also one of a kind.

?As far my most memorable game, I don?t know for sure,? Mitchell said. ?Even though we just played this one, I think this is it because I have never swept Mount Pleasant before. So that?s pretty cool. We beat them once my freshman year but we lost every time my sophomore and junior years.?

?This is a great memory for me because sweeping Mount Pleasant is a huge deal for us,? Brinning said. ?It feels really good to get this win because we definitely wanted to beat Mount Pleasant when they came here tonight. The conference race has been tight and so this will really help us out.?

The Demons had lost 11 in a row to the Panthers.

?We have had them on the ropes a few times,? Obermann said. ?We have had this game on our circled on our schedule for a while. When we lost down there, I think it was the lowest point of our season.?

The Demons have battled back and have won eight of their last 10 games.

Brinning has a place in the Demons? history book. She is a school-record holder and has the bruises to show for it. She previously set the Demons? season record for a batter being hit by a pitch with 23.

?I just get an ice pack when I get home and put ice on where it hurts,? she said.

While the bruises faded away, the camaraderie with team members has left an indelible impression.

?The whole team has always gotten along, honestly,? Mitchell said. ?I know other teams I see have little fights and drama, but that has never been us. We do team bonding and we have lots of fun. We are all friends. Everything in my career has been so good. I couldn?t ask for a better team.?

Brinning compared her softball experience to other sports she has played. Because there is less action on the ballfield, it allows for a different type of bonding.

?I also play basketball and volleyball, and I get along with those girls great, but the thing about my softball team is I am always happy to come to practice,? Brinning said. ?I always have such fun conversations with my teammates. There is just never a bad time when I don?t get along with anybody. Even when I?m in the field, I make jokes just to lighten the mood. I just love my team. We always have such a great time.?