School to hos tteacher showcase

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


This Friday, over 300 teachers will be at Washington High School for the Southeast Iowa Innovation Showcase 2018.

The Southeast Iowa Innovation Showcase 2018 is an all-day activity for teachers that focuses on integrating the use of technology into the classroom.

This year?s event is hosted by a collaboration of teachers from the Washington, St. James, WACO and Mid-Prairie School districts.

?This is the second year we?re having it,? Washington superintendent Jeff Dicks said. ?We have all the teachers from IMS, Mid-Prairie, St. James, Washington and WACO school districts attending and some teachers from Lone Tree, Highland and Winfield-Mt. Union.?

The day starts at 8 a.m. in the auditorium with speaker Buddy Berry, superintendent of Eminence Independent School District.

Berry spoke at last year?s Southeast Iowa Innovation Showcase, Dicks said. He was so well-liked last year that there were requests to have him return this year.

Another speaker will be Jared Bormann, of Decorah, who is a technology specialists at an AEA in northern Iowa, Dicks said. Bormann will talk about the integration of technology into the classroom.

After the speakers are done, educators will have 49 sessions they can attend, he added. Some of the topics include coding in the classroom, how to integrage Google into the classroom, teacher media literacy learning and flip learning, which has the teacher create a short video on the topic he or she is teaching that day and then has the student watch the video. Afterward, the student can ask the teacher questions about that video. Flip learning is used a lot in math classes.

?This day is all about leveraging technology to improve teaching and learning in the classroom,? Dicks said.

The event is hosted by a collaboration of educators from the Washington, St. James, WACO and Mid-Prairie school districts. All of the sessions are taught by the teachers and exposing other educators to different technology.

?Our teachers really enjoy it,? Dicks said, ?and it is dedicated to the different [technology] subjects that the teachers can learn about.?