School delay attributed to cold weather

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Several schools, including Washington, delayed school two hours Thursday morning due to the cold weather.

Washington superintendent Jeff Dicks said the prolonged temperatures under zero were what made him decide to delay Thursday morning.

?We?ve been under zero for quite a few days,? he said. ?It takes it?s toll on a lot of things.?

However, Dicks also said he doesn?t like disrupting people?s schedules, which is why delaying school hasn?t happened too often for the Washington Community School District.

?Kids are used to having mom and dad get them dressed and ready for school,? he said. ?Parents may not be there to make sure they?re dressed properly for the weather and that is a concern.?

But when a lot of schools started announcing two-hour delays Wednesday evening because of the predicted wind chill for Thursday morning Dicks decided delaying school for Washington probably would be best.

?This looked like the worst day, so that?s why we made the decision,? he added. ?People were already finding out before we had made the announcement formally.?

Dicks notified the local television stations and had each building administrator put an announcement on the building?s Facebook page, he said.