School board member resigns

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Washington School Board member Catherine Glinsmann resigned from her position on the board Wednesday evening.

?She is resigning due to personal health concerns,? superintendent Jeff Dicks said, ?and part of approving this resignation would be to prompt the board secretary to publish a notice to fill the vacancy by appointment.?

Board President Eric Turner asked board secretary and business manager Jeff Dieleman to speak about the appointment process moving forward.

?If you accept this (the resignation), and instruct me to publish it ? it would probably be in the paper Monday under a public notice,? Dieleman said, ?and they?ll have two weeks to petition for an election if they don?t agree that the board should appoint somebody. After those two weeks is up then we have to go through appointing somebody to fill the remainder of that seat until the next time an election is held.?

The next election would be the school board election a year and a half from now unless there is a special election held before then, he added.

?If it would be petitioned that we hold a special election, will we have to pay for that?? board member Troy Suchan asked Dieleman. ?And what kind of figure are we talking??

The district would have to pay for the special election to be held at Brighton City Hall and the Washington County Courthouse, Dieleman said. The cost would range from $800 to $1,000 at the most.

The board approved Glinsmann?s resignation unanimously.

Dieleman told them they would need to have a special board meeting before the next board meeting Feb. 14. The board decided to schedule the date for the special board meeting tentatively for Feb. 7 to appoint someone to the position.