School board election deadline on Monday

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Washington County Auditor Dan Widmer said that if the community wishes to have a special election to fill a vacant Washington School Board seat, 220 signatures would have to be in the auditor?s office Monday.

Widmer reports that no one has filed papers yet, but he believes a petition would be filed. He said if a special election is called for, the election would cost around $2,500. The most the school district would pay is $1,000. He said polling places would be set up in both Washington and Brighton.

Candidates for the special election would have until Feb. 23 to file a petition with 55 names to be put on the ballot. The special election would be held March 20. Widmer also said that if no one files a petition to run, the special election would be held anyway with no one on the ballot and the write-in votes would be used to determine a winner.

If no petition for a special election is filed by Monday, the board will appoint someone to the position.

On Jan. 10, Washington School Board member Catherine Glinsmann resigned from her Dist. 2 position on the board.