School board candidate forms due today

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Three people so far have turned in candidate forms to the central office of the Washington Community School District for the special school board election being held March 20.

Washington superintendent Jeff Dicks said he was happy to see so many people turn in paperwork for the empty school board seat.

?It?s good when people are interested in serving,? he said.

Papers were turned in by Jim Almelien, Lori Orris and Dana McDole, Dicks said.

?We just need to get a member on [the school board] that?s ready to hit the ground running,? he added.

The Washington School Board usually has seven people serving on the board. In the last school board election, Catherine Glinsmann was elected to fill the District No. 2 seat, but resigned in January due to health reasons.

Washington Community School District?s business manager Jeff Dieleman told school board members at the January meeting that if they accepted Glinsmann?s resignation ? and if school board members instructed him to do so ? a public notice would be published notifying voters they?ll have two weeks to petition for an election. After those two weeks were up and if a pettiton weren?t filed, then the school board could appoint someone to fill the empty board seat.

The public notice was published and at the end of January a petition was turned in to the school district asking to hold a special election.

There still is a chance for someone else to file papers to be on the election March 20. They would need 50 signatures from anyone living in the Washington School District and would need to turn those into the school district?s central office by 5 p.m., Friday, Feb. 23.

On Monday, Feb. 26, the paperwork from Almelien, McDole and Orris will be handed in to the Washington County Auditor?s office to be certified for the March 20 election.

Washington County auditor Dan Widmer said tentatively the polls on March 20 could be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. The auditor?s office usually sets the time for when the polls open and close, but Widmer received a request from the school district to have them open earlier.

?That?s what the school district wanted to do and that is what we?re planning,? he added.