Scam reported in Washington

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


According to the Washington County call log, a telephone scam was reported Wednesday in which the subject had sent money.

The log reported that the Washington Police Department was notified Wednesday that a subject was contacted last week and told that she had won money and needed to send $7,000. The subject sent $380 via Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart this week and sent another $900 via Western Union in Fort Lauderdale. Police told the subject it was a scam and to make her bank aware of the situation.

Additionally a caller to the Washington Evening Journal reported that a resident had received a call recently from a subject claiming to be her son and asking her to wire money.

The police recommend people receiving one of these calls not give out personal information such as social security numbers or date of birth to people the subscriber doesn?t know. or account information and to hang up immediately. The report said the police department is aware of the situation.

?If you are solicited for something and it is something you might be interested in, do some research on it before you give that information out,? Lt. Ron See of the Washington Police Department said. ?Then look it up and see if you can locate your own phone number for that business establishment instead of using a phone number they may supply you, because they can supply you a fictitious number that can ring to them, but still is not a traceable number.?

See also said there are many kinds of scams, both on the phone and online. There are scams involving the Internal Revenue Service, utility companies and scams where a loved one is reported in jail overseas. See said that if someone received an email from a loved one saying they need money, they should contact the person to confirm it is true.

?If it doesn?t seem right then don?t follow through with it,? Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman said. ?There are a lot of scams where people are asking for information. There are scams where people ask for money. These types of things don?t work that way.?

Goodman recommends in situations like this, people get a phone number to call the person back, which will give a chance to verify the call. He said most people don?t fall for scam phone calls, but scammers come up with new ideas all the time. He also said entire passwords or PIN numbers should not be given out over the phone.

?Pay attention to what they are saying and don?t just send people money,? Goodman said. ?Don?t give people your information. it is very critical.?

People who have given out information was advised to call the police department at (319) 653-2107.