Scam averted by mailing check to ?wrong? address

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


The Washington School District announced today that a company calling itself ?Scholarship Calendars? is not doing a fundraiser for the school district.

The Washington County call log reported today that the Washington Police Department received a call from the Washington High School in reference to a check that had been received. Activities director Brent Van Weelden explained that the company had contacted KCTC in Kalona with an officer for the business to advertise on a sports calendar card. Van Weelden explained that the offer had been for an advertisement on a credit card-sized sports schedule. He said the offer was for $500.

?KCTC sent the check to the school,? Washington School Superintendent Jeff Dicks said. ?This fictitious company wanted the check sent to them. it was just by luck we uncovered it.?

In a previous interview, Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman recommends people get a phone number to call the person back, which will give a chance to verify the call. He said most people don?t fall for scam phone calls, but scammers come up with new ideas all the time. He also said entire passwords or PIN numbers should not be given out over the phone.

?If it doesn?t seem right, then don?t follow through with it,? Goodman said. ?There are a lot of scams where people are asking for information. There are scams where people ask for money. These types of things don?t work that way. Pay attention to what they are saying and don?t just send people money. Don?t give people your information. it is very critical.?

People who have given out information are advised to call the police department at (319) 653-2107.