Rotenburger/Bopp Reunion

Descendants of the Rotenburger and Bopp families had their annual reunion Sunday, August 5, at the Dennis and Irma Altenhofen Barn, Kalona.

Everyone enjoyed a potluck dinner followed by great conversation and visiting. The theme for the day was ?Weddings?. Everyone was invited to bring wedding pictures and albums to share.

Those present were given an opportunity to see how many couples they could identify by name in pre-selected wedding pictures of family members. Prizes were awarded, with Martha Hammen correctly identifying the most pictures.

Those coming the greatest distance were Margie Lenneman, Albertville, Minnesota; Ken Lenneman and Ann Bistodeau, St Michael, Minnesota; and Jane Lenneman, Otsego, Minnesota. Others in attendance were Martha Hammen, Duane Hammen, Jackie Ross, Merle and Janet Hagie, Washington; Ralph and Diana Cox, Sean and Kimberely Durham, Cleola Schneider, Lucille Duwa, Rollie and Carolyn Rourke and Dolores Krotz, Iowa City; Jane Gatlin, Riverside; Robert, Heather and Aubrianna Cox, Sharon McDougall, Donna, Joe and Crystal Fanatia, Kalona; LeRoy and JoAnn Bopp, Cedar Rapids; Judy Cambridge, Hills; Becky Wiley, Camanche; Larry and Judy Rotenburger, Mexico, Missouri.