Rosien and Schaefer discuss mayoral race

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


City of Washington mayoral candidates Jaron Rosien and Pete Schaefer got to explain their goals if elected mayor to an audience of over 200 people during the Washington candidate?s forum Thursday evening.

Rosien said he is the third generation in his family to serve in Washington. He said he is running because he wants to see continued growth in the community and wants to learn, grow and improve himself. Having served in the Ward 4 counselor position for four years, he said he wants to have more responsibility with the city.

Schaefer said he chose to move to Washington in 1983. He said he had seen Washington was the town he wanted to raise his children in and remained here. He said his best friend Russ Zieglowski was going to run for mayor, before Zieglowski passing away in June. Schaefer said through a lot of prayer and counsel, he had decided to run for mayor.

When asked how the city should work toward goals outlined in the comprehensive plan or identify new goals, Rosien said the funding streams determine what can be done. He also stressed the importance of being aware of opportunities for additional revenue. He also said it is a priority for council members and other people working with the city to be aware of other needs the city has. Schaefer said he hoped to explore the plan for the overcrowding situation for city hall, the police department and the fire department. He said if the current building could be renovated for less money, that should be done. He also questioned the city?s plan for dealing with Emerald ash borers, saying there may be a less costly treatment available.

Rosien believed his record spoke for itself about his qualifications for mayor. He said as mayor he would be an advocate for every person in Washington, no matter the race, creed or economic standing. He also encouraged people to vote on Nov. 7.

Schaefer said he is a ?political novice? but said he saw a need. He said he hoped to bring the voice of fiscal responsibility to the city.

He said he is not looking at the position as a steppingstone to anything greater, but that he wants to help the city. He also encouraged people to vote in the election.