Riverboat Foundation hires familiar face

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


People seeking help applying for a grant with the Washington County Riverboat Foundation will find a familiar face there to help them after Jan. 1, 2019 as the foundation Monday evening voted to hire a former member to be the new executive assistant.

After interviewing five candidates, the foundation voted to hire Patty Koller, a former foundation president, as the new executive assistant. With longtime executive assistant Jim Logan announcing he would be leaving the position after the Foundation?s annual audit, sometime in mid-January, the foundation opted to hire someone early enough to give Logan a chance to train. Koller will make $30,000 per year for the part-time position, with five weeks of paid vacation.

?We ranked our applicants and there was a clear No. 1,? Foundation President Dave Mitchell said. ?It would have been more difficult to rank numbers 2, 3, and 4.?

He said every applicant who had been interviewed was a strong applicant. Mitchell said Koller distinguished herself because she had been one of the original foundation members and served until 2016. He said Koller was experienced with the workings of the Foundation. He commented with foundation board members serving two three-year terms, he is concerned enough knowledge of how the board works can be transferred to new members. He believes Koller?s knowledge will assist in making the Foundation more successful.

Logan said Koller would begin on Monday to give her plenty of time to learn the job. He said she would have time to give an annual presentation, oversee a grant award event and participate in the audit before he leaves. He said the Foundation has the funding for both jobs.

When Koller came to town, she and her husband, Bob Koller, initially bought Wolf Floral. After a few years, Koller went back to school and got he teaching certificate. She taught at-risk students at Washington High School for two years before switching to teach middle school social studies. Koller was not present at the meeting.

Mitchell also said Logan had done a great job for the Foundation.

?I think we have been blessed to have Jim in this role,? Mitchell said, ?His ability to deal with our applicants made our jobs easy.?