Residents express traffic concerns

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


Travis Hodson of West 17th Street in Washington spoke of the accident that claimed the life of his son?s dog during the regular Washington City Council meeting Tuesday evening.

With the council working on changes to the city?s ordinances to improve traffic conditions, Hodson gave input to the council on traffic problems right outside his front door. He said that he and his family had purchased the house in October and soon found the traffic problem outside, which he referred to as ?atrocious.? He said he only rarely sees a car going the speed limit. He said that his dog had been hit by a vehicle last Wednesday.

?I get it, the dog was in the road and was in the wrong spot ? that is on me,? he said. ?However, the conditions that led up to the dog getting hit is what concerns me. The person was on their cellphone and they were going far faster than the speed limit.?

Hodson said his neighbors have reported traffic problems being a constant concern. He said the problems increase later in the week. He also reported hearing people flying by during all hours and that people trying to pass other cars have driven into his ditch. He asked the council if there was anything the city could do to help him get the traffic problem under control.

?I would hate for that to be one of my kids instead of my son?s dog,? he said.

The Washington Police Department has said the traffic trailer would be put on the street and patrols would be increased. Hodson recommended speed bumps along the street.

Mayor Jaron Rosien said the traffic trailer is one way the police department addresses problem traffic areas.

?This has been the topic of many discussions,? Rosien said. ?The topics of streets, parking, traffic and the speed trailer have been discussed. While an immediate solution would not be made I want you to know we are working on it and continue to do so.?

He said that the traffic trailer gathers data on traffic patterns to help the council determine a decision.

Later in the meeting, Washington Police Chief Greg Goodman gave the council speed trailer results from B Avenue near Washington High School. He said there was an ?extensive speeding problem? in the area.

?We have been talking about that and we are going to be working to solve that problem,? he said.