Public invited to county trail meeting

By Steve Anderson, Washington County Conservation Board


An effort is underway to garner public input that will determine the direction of our public trails prioritization over the foreseeable future.

The Washington County Riverboat Foundation has assisted in funding this essential planning, which led to the hiring of consultants to compile inputs to create the Washington County Master Trails Plan. Only two more of these public meetings remain!

The meetings are intended to generate public inputs as to what you need, want, like and don?t like in our current trails system all over Washington County.

It is also a specific effort to coordinate efforts of the state, county, and local agencies and groups to assure that our developments and priorities efficiently match citizen needs and wants as closely as possible.

The final thing it does is increase the likelihood of receiving grants to accomplish the actual goals.

The meetings are being conducted by agents of MSA Consultants, with the two meetings remaining being at our Conservation Education Center at Marr Park this Thursday, March 15 and at the Kalona Public Library on Tuesday, March 20.

Both meetings are scheduled to start at 6 PM and will be over by 8 PM. Please do mark your calendar and attend one if at all possible.

Another opportunity for input is available by taking the survey on their website.

I strongly encourage each of you to take the time to do so. The web site is

Once this round of public inputs have been received, they will be compiled and utilized as inputs toward the creation of the rough draft; which after being publicly reviewed and edited again, will become the Washington County Master Trails Plan.

Please do participate in both the web site survey and the meetings!