Proposal for municipal building unveiled

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Washington City Council got its first look at the designs for a new municipal building that the project committee has been working to design.

After several months of work with Design Alliance, the committee presented the conceptual designs for both the new fire station and the renovated municipal building that will hold city offices and the police department. Washington City Administrator Brent Hinson said that he is setting up information gathering events for the community and with service clubs in November and December to allow the community a say in how the building is designed. The meetings schedule will be reported as soon as it becomes available.

?We have gone through the conceptual design process,? architect Kristopher Orth said. ?We met with staff and talked about the program spaces and talked about those in great detail. We did an assessment of the facilties, had mechanical and electrical engineers walk through the building, generated multiple building concepts, done some budget analysis, refined building concepts, and tonight we are communicating the selected concept beyond the building committee to you.?

Hinson said the city hopes to begin construction on the fire station in September 2018.

Orth went through the design of the new fire station the project committee proposes be built on a neighboring lot to the city hall building. He also spoke at length about the manner in which the existing municipal building, which currently houses the fire station, would be remodeled for just the use of city offices and the police department.

The proposed designs total $2.5 million for the new fire station and about $1.2 million for the renovation of the municipal building.

Orth said the designs presented are merely conceptual designs and said there is still work to do before a working design is completed.

?We would expect to move into the schematic design phase for the fire station after the forums, design, development, construction documents, then the bidding phase and after that construction can begin,? Orth said. ?Construction could begin sometime in July according to the schedule we developed. I feel like we are right on schedule.?

Council members questioned the use of vestibules which were designed on the front of both city hall and the fire department. According to the budget, the vestibules cost $500 per square foot.

A spatial needs survey done years ago showed the city offices need about 25,000 square feet, and are currently housed in a 9,400 square foot building.