Project finished at Clemons Creek

By David Hotle, The JOURNAL


With covered shelters installed on the 25- and 100-yard ranges at the Clemons Creek Shooting Range, the Washington County Conservation Department is putting the finishing touches on the shelter servicing the 50-yard range.

Conservation Director Steve Anderson said he had helped pour the cement pad for the new shelter, but that the conservation staff had done most of the work. The project completes the shelters at the shooting range. The project was paid for by private individuals, and Anderson said that after the first shelter was constructed, people who use the range had loved it so much they quickly contributed enough money to complete the other two shelters.

?I think it is making awesome progress,? Anderson said. He said the staff is working on the project. Each shelter cost about $1,500.

Concrete was poured around the benches to provide a firmer surface and a footpath to the target was rebuilt.

The range is used by several law enforcement agencies, who contributed to the cost of the project.

More improvements are planned in the next year for the range.