Policewarn ofparkingrules

By Xiomara Levsen, The JOURNAL


Last week, the Washington Police Department posted a reminder on its Facebook page about not leaving a vehicle parked on a public street for more than 24 hours without moving it.

This is according to Washington City Code 69.05.

Washington Police chief Greg Goodman said they posted the ordinance to help get the word about it because parking seems to always be an issue.

?People call in a complaint about a car not moving,? Goodman said. ?Sometimes we get more calls than other times.?

Once a complaint is received officers will go to where the vehicle is located. They?ll chalk the tires and return 24 hours later to see if the vehicle has been moved, he added. If it hasn?t, a tow sticker is left on the vehicle. People are given plenty of opportunities to move their vehicle before it?s towed, he added.

Another thing residents should be aware of is the parking ordinance when a snow emergency is declared and parking on snow routes.

According to Code 69.13, no vehicles should be parked, abandoned or left unattended on a public street, in an alleyway or city-owned off-street parking area during any snow emergency announced by the mayor. The snow emergency parking ban shall continue during the snow or ice storm until 48 hours afterward.

Code 69.14 addresses snow routes. Certain streets are designated snow routes by the city council. When weather conditions, such as snow or ice, exist, it is illegal for the driver of a vehicle to block or impede traffic.

?Keep the cars moving, so a plow can move through,? Goodman said.