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Thomas Christopher Dodge, 51, of Parnell, was arrested Thursday evening at 230th Street and Elm Avenue in Keota on a Washington County warrant for driving under suspension, second offense.

Loren Paul Swailes, 43, of Keota, was arrested Thursday night in the 2400 block of Highway 92 in Washington on a charge of fifth-degree criminal mischief.


Traffic stop serious

An officer reported being out at a vehicle stop, Thursday night at C Avenue and Sixth Street in Kalona. Travis Allen Deeley, 29, of Kalona, was cited into court on a charge of driving under suspension, third offense. Further charges are pending DCI Lab results.


Disabled vehicles

An officer reported a disabled vehicle, Thursday afternoon at Highway 218 and the Highway 92 ramp in Ainsworth. The vehicle was added to the system.

An officer reported being out with a disabled vehicle, Thursday night at Highway 92 and Ivy Avenue in West Chester. The officer added the vehicle to the system. Subjects were going to get the vehicle moved that night or on Friday. They had a ride coming.


Fire calls

A caller Thursday night in the 300 block of Ninth Avenue in Wellman reported smelling burning rubber from a fire. An officer checked the fire. There was some tar that might have gotten into the fire, but otherwise there were no issues with the fire.


Animal complaint

A caller Thursday morning in the 1100 block of Poplar Boulevard in Kalona reported that she purchased a puppy from a residence yesterday and it was not cared for properly. She believed this was possibly a puppy mill, with several dogs that were neglected. The horses also appeared malnourished. An officer responded. The veterinarian arrived while the deputy was on the scene, and advised that he had been coming out there for years. Nothing was out of the ordinary. There were food, water and shelter for the animals.

A caller Thursday morning in the 3300 block of Coppock Road in Wayland reported black cattle on the road and in the yard of a residence. The caller attempted to make contact with someone at the residence, and no one answered. An officer responded and located two calves. The owner showed up.

A caller Thursday evening at East Madison Street and South Fourth Avenue in Washington reported that a dog had been outside for several hours and had no water. An officer responded and was unable to locate the dog.



A caller Thursday morning in the 300 block of Third Street in Wellman reported that her son tried to choke her that morning and refused to go to school. An officer spoke with the caller. She was not willing to pursue charges but would be in contact with her son?s doctor. The incident was documented.



A caller Thursday afternoon in the 300 block of East Main Street in Brighton reported that a subject was sending her harassing and threatening text messages. An officer spoke with the caller, who was requesting documentation in case her vehicle was damaged. She was going to ignore and block the calls/texts.



A caller Thursday night in the 800 block of South Second Avenue in Washington requested to speak to an officer about suspicious activity in the neighborhood and vandalism to a property. An officer responded. Contact was made with the owner of the property. The information was documented.


Welfare check

A caller requested a welfare check, Thursday afternoon in the 100 block of C Avenue in Kalona. An officer responded. The subject was fine.


All other theft

A caller Thursday night in the 300 block of West Third Street in Washington reported the theft of a Phoenix Arms HP22A CXR pistol with a 3-inch barrel, a nickel finish and black grips. It was taken sometime between July 23 and Aug. 23. An officer spoke to the caller, who knew of no suspects. The item was entered into the system.


All other offenses

A caller Thursday afternoon in the 300 block of First Street in Kalona reported having a problem with a previous employee who took a money bag from behind the counter a few days earlier. He was back at the business at the time of the call. An officer spoke with the caller, who did not wish to pursue charges.

A caller Thursday night in the 200 block of West Washington Street in Brighton reported that someone had left a hay baler in his yard. An officer responded. The baler had a flat tire, and the caller agreed to wait to see if someone returned to retrieve it.