Police Log

Jail count

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Females ? N/A

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Special needs ? N/A

Contract inmates ? N/A

Treatment ? N/A

Holding ? N/A

Other facility ? N/A

Total ? N/A

Traffic accident

A caller Thursday afternoon reported hitting a parked vehicle with the trailer of his semi, at South Ninth Avenue and East Jefferson Street. Officers responded. Officers responded. Corey Leon Hinton, of Davenport, was cited for unsafe backing on a highway. A state accident report will be filed.

Traffic stop serious

An officer reported being at a vehicle stop, Thursday afternoon at Ivy Avenue and Highway 92 in West Chester. A towing service also responded. Charges are pending DCI Lab results. A report will be filed. The vehicle was entered as towed.

Disabled vehicles

An officer reported being with a disabled vehicle, Thursday afternoon at 220th Street and Highway 218 in Ainsworth. The subject had help on the way.

A deputy reported being out with an unoccupied disabled vehicle, Thursday night at Vine Avenue and 220th Street in Ainsworth. The deputy added the vehicle to the system.

Fire calls

A caller Thursday night in the 2800 block of Louisa Washington Road in Crawfordsville reported a tractor on fire next to a car and a house, and requested the fire department. Crawfordsville Fire and Ainsworth Fire responded to extinguish the fire. Alliant Energy was also contacted by the homeowner.

Animal complaint

A caller Thursday morning in the 500 block of West Fifth Street in Washington reported that a tan and white pitbull chased after her as she rode her bicycle on the Kewash Trail. It belonged to the house at the beginning of the trail. A civil infraction will be issued to the dog?s owner.

Search warrant

A deputy reported being at the jail conducting a search warrant, Thursday night in the 2100 block of Lexington Boulevard in Washington. An additional officer responded and assisted. The search warrant was executed.

A deputy reported conducting a search warrant, Thursday night in the 2100 block of Lexington Boulevard in Washington. The officer executed the search warrant.

All other offenses

A caller Thursday afternoon at East Jefferson Street and South Ninth Avenue in Washington reported young children playing in the street and not moving for vehicles. An officer responded and spoke with the juveniles. They were advised about moving for traffic.

A caller Thursday night in the 500 block of Mather Street in Ainsworth reported that her landlord had changed the locks on the doors and she was unable to get inside her residence.

An officer spoke with the landlord and explained that the tenant had rights to live there.