Police Log

Jail count

Males ? 13

Females ? 3

Work release ? 0

Special needs ? 0

Contract inmates ? 11

Treatment ? 0

Holding ? 0

Other facility ? 0

Total ? 27


Traffic accident

An officer reported being at a vehicle stop, Monday afternoon in the 900 block of North Fifth Avenue in Washington. The officer advised that the vehicle had struck a subject on a bicycle, who had ridden in front of the vehicle, at the intersection of South Second Avenue and East Washington Street. They stopped to make contact with the subject, who advised that they were not injured and left the area. The officer intended to attempt to locate the unknown subject who was hit by the vehicle. The incident was documented for the time being.

A traffic accident was reported Monday afternoon at South Second Avenue and East Washington Street in Washington.


Disabled vehicles

An officer reported being out with a disabled semi in the roadway, Monday morning at Highway 92 and East Washington Street in Washington. The officer requested assistance from another officer for traffic control. An officer was advised, then disregarded. They were able to get the semi started and moved from the roadway.

A caller Monday afternoon at Highway 218 and 335th Street in Crawfordsville reported that they had run out of gas on Highway 218 near the Washington Henry County line. An officer responded and assisted the operator with retrieving gas.


Animal complaint

A caller Monday afternoon in the 3100 block of Wayland Road in Wayland reported that a child was bitten by a dog. An officer responded. The dog was owned by the family and was up-to-date on inoculations. A dog bite form was filled out. The incident was documented.

A caller Tuesday morning in the 500 block of West Fifth Street in Washington reported that he was bitten by a pitbull. An ambulance and officers responded. The ambulance transported the male subject to Washington County Hospital and Clinics. Ernest Lee Shaw, of Washington, was cited into court for rabies vaccination violation. The dog catcher seized the dog.


Disorderly conduct

Dispatch received a 911 call Monday afternoon from a female subject who was in a verbal dispute with her boyfriend, who was at the time outside and threatening her, in the 2600 block of 320th Street in Wayland. Dispatch spoke with the female caller, who advised it was a verbal altercation between her and her boyfriend?s sister, who was outside. There was nothing physical. Officers responded. The parties separated.


Suspicious activity

A caller Monday morning in the 700 block of North Iowa Avenue in Washington reported suspicious activity. An officer spoke with the caller, who was requesting extra patrol.

An officer reported being out with a vehicle at Sunset Park after a report of suspicious activity, Monday morning in the 900 block of West Main Street in Washington.

The officer spoke with the occupants. They were making a cross-country trip and had the proper paperwork for the vehicle.



A caller Monday night in the 2600 block of 160th Street in Riverside reported that someone had driven on the property and had possibly gone through a barn. Documentation was made, and extra patrol was arranged.



A caller Monday evening in the 300 block of East Main Street in Washington reported vandalism to the sidewalk at her residence. An officer responded. Documentation was made.


All other offenses

Dispatch received reports of a younger subject on a skateboard, riding back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the business, Monday morning in the 100 block of South Iowa Avenue in Washington.

Then an adult got on the skateboard and almost crashed.

The caller approached the adult about not having skateboards on the sidewalk, and the juvenile was still riding it.

The caller requested that an officer speak to them.

An officer responded and made the subjects aware of the city ordinance.