Police Log

Jail count

Males ? 16

Females -- 7

Work release ? 0

Special needs ? 0

Contract inmates ? 11

Treatment ? 0

Holding ? 0

Other facility ? 0

Total ? 34


Traffic accident

A caller reported that someone had backed into her vehicle in the parking area, Thursday afternoon in the 2200 block of 250th Street in Washington. The caller requested an officer to the Community Center parking lot. An officer responded. Damages amounted to less than $1,500. No suspect vehicle was located. The caller was provided the Call for Service number for insurance purposes.

A caller Thursday night in the 2500 block of Highway 1 in Washington reported a motorcycle accident south of town, south of the bridge. The driver was up walking around and complaining of pain in his chest. An officer and an ambulance responded. A towing company responded and towed the motorcycle. A state accident report was filed. The subject was provided a ride to the towing company and convenience store.

A caller Thursday night reported hitting a deer at Highway 218 and 140th Street in Riverside. No one was injured, but the vehicle was not drivable. An officer responded. The vehicle was left at the site of the accident. The officer gave the operator a ride to the casino, and they were provided with a state accident report.

A caller reported a two-vehicle accident, Thursday night at South Iowa Avenue and West Madison Street in Washington. The vehicles had pulled into a parking lot. Officers responded. Information was exchanged, and a state accident report will be filed.


Traffic other

A caller Thursday afternoon in the 2700 block of Highway 1 in Washington reported that a school bus traveling southbound on Highway 1 had an occupant who threw an orange out a window, and it shattered the front window of his company truck. An officer located and stopped the bus in the 2900 block of Highway 1. The truck returned to that location, as well. The truck driver was given a business card and insurance information from the school bus. The officer will make contact with the school as to how to handle the situation. The incident was documented for the time being.

An officer reported being out with a silver Ford Taurus parked in a no-parking zone, Thursday afternoon in the 1200 block of Eighth Avenue in Wellman. The officer spoke with the driver, who was unaware he could not park there. The vehicle was moved.

A caller Friday morning in the 100 block of West Washington Street in Washington reported a vehicle parked in front of the business for two days without being moved. It was a white Chrysler. An officer chalked the tires of the vehicle.


Disabled vehicles

A deputy reported being out with a disabled vehicle, early Friday morning at Highway 22 and Hickory Avenue in Wellman. The deputy advised that the driver had pulled over because of being tired. They had rested and were on their way.


Fire calls

A caller Thursday afternoon at Highway 218 and 160th Street in Riverside reported a semi along the shoulder of Highway 218 that appeared to have flames underneath the cab. The semi appeared unoccupied. Riverside Fire responded and located the vehicle. There were no flames or smoke. Department personnel spoke to the driver, who planned to contact a mechanic in reference to an issue with wheel bearing.


Disorderly conduct

A caller Thursday night in the 1500 block of North Fourth Avenue in Washington reported that her husband was threatening her. There were no weapons. He appeared to be under the influence of something. Officers responded. The incident was verbal only.



A caller Thursday evening in the 500 block of East Seventh Street in Washington reported that a subject and her friends and family showed up at the residence, causing problems. They were in a gray explorer. Officers responded. The issue resolved itself. The incident was verbal only.


Welfare check

A caller Thursday morning in the 800 block of North Sixth Avenue in Washington reported a small child running in the street ? 2 years old, wearing only a diaper. An officer responded and made contact with the brother. DHS will be contacted.

A caller Friday morning in the 400 block of North Eighth Avenue in Washington requested a welfare check on an employee whom a business had not been able to make contact with. Officers responded and located the employee. There was no problem.


All other theft

A caller Thursday afternoon in the 600 block of West Tyler Street in Washington reported that someone stole her son?s bike. It was a medium-size all-black bicycle. It had rear pegs, brake wires and a silver reflector on the front. The brand name was unknown. An officer was advised, and the information was documented.


All other offenses

A caller reported a white mountain bike dumped in the alley, Thursday afternoon in the 700 block of East Second Street in Washington. All the lettering had been ripped off. An officer responded and spoke to the caller, and was advised that the bicycle belonged to the brother-in-law.